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Thanks to all the feedback from our customers. 
Many people don't know our product development line and product structure very well when they visit our website, and they don't know how to choose our hot tent products. So we sorted out all the Pomoly hot tent products, hoping that this structured article can help you to have a clearer understanding of our hot tents. The main product lines of Pomoly hot tent are HEX, YARN, FORT, RHOMBUS and MANTA series.

HEX Series (3)

YARN Series (3)

FORT Series (2)

RHOMBUS Series (3)

MANTA Series (1)


Pomoly is an outdoor camping brand specializing in hot tents and wood stoves. We think that hot tent camping will become more and more popular, and it will be liked by more people. We have developed from selling only one hot tent product at the beginning to now selling multiple series of hot tent and tent stove products. This is attributed to the support and help from our camping enthusiasts. At the same time, more products will undoubtedly increase the range of options for both tents and stoves among hot tent camping enthusiasts. Thank you for all your help.

We adhere to the development concept of "Adventure, Never Ending", and constantly research new hot tent camping products. We have been striving to become the pioneer of hot tent camping. Now we hope more people could join us and grow up with us to develop this new and interesting hot tent camping lifestyle.


Foundation: HEX Hot Tent

When we first knew and used this camping tent with a wood burning stove jack in 2018, we were deeply attracted by it. Then we began to study hot tents. In the beginning, we only spent time outside of work to research more information and make samples. For the fabric of the tent and the fabric of the fireproof stove jack, we spent a lot of energy to experiment and test. Therefore, we did not make it until May 2019. The first hot tent product, we call it HEX.

After the first product was produced, we were not eager to mass-produce them, nor did we immediately bring it to the market. We take this product to field camping and record the lack of product details and design that needs improvement. In particular, we have conducted many camping tests on the high-temperature resistance of the stove jack fireproof fabric. We tested 8 kinds of fireproof fabrics and finally determined the first-generation stove jack. Then, in order to increase the comfort and privacy inside the tent, we designed a suspended inner hot tent. To use a burning stove inside the tent while have a comfortable sleeping area, we have designed a hanging half inner tent. Later, in order to make this combination product easier to use, we made dozens of detailed improvements to HEX, like the tent corner buckles. In the end, we determined this most basic and classic Pomoly hot tent product, Pomoly HEX hot tent.

Development Based On Hex

Based on HEX hot tents, we would like to meet the needs of more hot tent camping enthusiasts. We launched different sizes of hot tents in the first half of 2020: HEX Solo (single), HEX Plus (3-6 people), PEN (2 people). All products of this HEX series adopt the same conical design, the same 300D oxford cloth with silver coating, and the same stove jack, top hat, double doors, and snow skirt design features. The only difference between them is the size and the number of people they fit.

Second Series: YARN Hot Tent

After the launch of HEX, we found that although the Oxford cloth of the HEX series is extremely durable in terms of durability, and even this cloth has become one of the important reasons for many customers to buy them, the performance of the Oxford cloth in terms of comfort and breathability is not as good as our customers wished. Therefore, we chose a mixed canvas as the main material of the hot tent, which is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The comfort and breathability of this fabric have been recognized by many experienced camping enthusiasts. They think this fabric is very suitable for comfortable camping. Based on these feedback, we first launched the HEX Plus Canvas 3-6 person hot tent product and named it YARN Plus hot tent. After collecting more feedback from many customers, we began to use this mixed canvas to make YARN (2-4 people) and YARN Solo (1 person) hot tents in the second half of 2020.

New Try: FORT Shelter

In addition to teepee tents, we also designed and produced shelter-type hot tents. Among them, the FORT hot tent was launched in June 2020, and it uses 300D Oxford cloth material. The FORT canvas hot tent was designed and produced in October 2020. Their semi-open design allows campers to have more free space for activities, like bushcraft art, cooking, DIY, etc. These two products increase the richness of the hot tent category, allowing campers to better enjoy the fun of stove camping.

2021 New Release: RHOMBUS Tarp

Compared with a closed tent space, we designed and launched the RHOMBUS series tarps based on our characteristic 300D Oxford cloth in July 2020. The production of this tarp comes from a Youtube influencer we cooperated with. He and his fans believe that the main feature of this product is the 300D Oxford fabric. This Oxford cloth is tear-resistant and strong, which is much better than other tarp fabrics on the market. Then in January 2021, we launched a new version of the RHOMBUS canvas tarp. It uses our unique mixed canvas, which also makes the product have good comfort and breathability. Based on the RHOMBUS canvas tarp, we subsequently developed the RHOMBUS Pro canvas tarp. The biggest feature of this tarp is that it has a big hat on the top. This can block the sun and light rain, and at the same time increase the airtightness and safety of the tarp.

Combination: MANTA

It's a combination of a conical tent and a shelter tent. Its unique design makes the tent not only have the tall space of conical tent, but also have the sun tarp of shelter tent. For those who like to try fresh products, just don't miss it.

In addition to these main tent products, we also have some accessories that are used with our tents, such as half inner tents, mesh inner tents and ground sheets, etc. You can also easily buy them if you need them.


Select by number

If you're a solo camper, the HEX Solo, YARN Solo and FORT are suitable for you. It's worth noting that if you want a more comfortable camping experience, you can choose the larger version: HEX and YARN. After using a half tent and a wood tent stove in the hot tent, you can get a very warm campsite in the wilderness.
If you are camping with 1-2 adults or if you are camping with 1 adults and 2 children, we recommend HEX or YARN. Please note that the accommodating capacity that we said generally includes children. For a 2-4 person tent, 4 people usually means 2 adults and 2 children, NOT 4 adults. This means that 2-4 person tents are more suitable for families with children. In addition, the number of people mentioned here is the maximum capacity, which means that a 2-4 person tent can hold 2-4 people without any wood stoves in the tent. If you need to use a wood stove, we recommend leaving enough space inside the tent.
If you plan to camp with more than 4 people, you will need more space. We recommend HEX Plus, YARN Plus, and MANTA. These hot tents are larger versions, more suitable for group camping. Based on customer feedback on outdoor camping, the HEX Plus tent has enough room for two adults and a child to sleep in its half tent while using a burning tent stove.

Since the tent is conical, it looks small in photos, but the real sleeping space is more calculated by the projected area.

Select by fabric

If you want a durable fabric with a longer service life, we would recommend you choose Pomoly unique 300D Oxford Tent fabric. The fabric is widely used in Pomoly main hot tent products. Even compared with other well-known brands of tent fabric, our 300D Oxford fabric is still very competitive. The main products using this cloth are HEX series products, including HEX Solo, HEX, HEX Plus, PEN, etc., as well as FORT Hot Tent, RHOMBUS Hot Tent, and MANTA Hot Tent.
If you want a more comfortable and breathable tent, then our mixed canvas material is definitely worth your try. The mixed canvas is made of 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester, making it softer than other tent canvas fabric. This mix ratio not only ensures the softness and breathability of the tent but also increases the durability of it. If you like quality camping, you can choose from the YARN line of mixed canvas hot tents, including YARN Solo, YARN Plus, as well as the FORT Canvas hot tent and RHOMBUS canvas tarp, and RHOMBUS Pro tarp.

Select by type

If you prefer tipi style tent, you can choose from the HEX Collection (HEX Solo, HEX, HEX Plus) and the YARN Collection (YARN Solo, YARN, YARN Plus). The teepee, with its higher space and more stable structure, is ideal for living in the wild for days and weeks.
If you like shelter tents, you can choose the FORT series product (FORT, FORT Canvas). These two products are more suitable for experienced people to enjoy the bushcraft camping life. The most people who uses this shelter product has more camping experience and wilderness skills, such as drilling wood for fire, wood carving, etc..
If you prefer simpler tarp products, we would recommend you to choose one of our RHOMBUS series (RHOMBUS, RHOMBUS Canvas, RHOMBUS Pro). Among them, the special cap design of RHOMBUS Pro is liked by many people.

Select by weight

At present, Pomoly tent products are all heavy equipment, which means that the weight of our products is generally around 13-26 lb. If you like car camping and want a high-quality hot tent, please don't miss us.
In addition, our ultra-light hot tent is also in the design. If you want to know more about this tent, you are welcome to subscribe to our website and we will send the latest information to you. Thank you very much for your support.


Although hot tent camping is a very novel and interesting outdoor camping life style, but at the time of hot tenting there are still a lot of details need to pay attention to, such as burning the chimney stove jack, burning tents by Mars, carbon monoxide poisoning, be careful the bear when cooking food, not to hot tent camping in heavy rain weather, etc. 

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