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Home>Tent Stoves>Lumberjack Series 2023>Lumberjack Max>[Pre Order] Lumberjack Max | Titanium Wood Stove | Portable Tent Stove | POMOLY New Arrival 2022
[Pre Order] Lumberjack Max | Titanium Wood Stove | Portable Tent Stove | POMOLY New Arrival 2022

[Pre Order] Lumberjack Max | Titanium Wood Stove | Portable Tent Stove | POMOLY New Arrival 2022

US$ 1299.00
Titanium Section Chimney
9 Sections / 9.58ft / 292cm
Titanium Side Kettle
No Thanks Get One
Titanium Campfire Grill
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Titanium Oven
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Customized Requirements

  • Detail

    Meet POMOLY LumberJack Titanium Tent Wood Stove, a portable and lightweight fast-fold titanium tent stove that instantly turns any tent into a cozy hot tent that also lets you cook and even have a barbecue if you want to!

    A portable stove is only as good as its assembly and disassembly experience—because it’s made to stay on the move with you and work anywhere without becoming a cumbersome accessory.

    The firebox features a Snap Fit Joints Design because of this: it has no threaded connections, so the firebox can be installed and disassembled easily and separately without enduring any damage.

    LumberJack  is portable and compact. You can fold it, including folding the firebox into the base, pack every part into the carrying bag we offer, and go. And you can also unfold it, smoothly assemble it, and start cooking in no time.

    LumberJack is a fast-fold stove that is modular and has a removable structure that is made to be swiftly assembled and disassembled. 

    There’s a good reason why we decided to make Pomoly LumberJack  as a 100% titanium stove with a 0.04inch (1mm) thickness. 

    While titanium is as strong and resistant as high-strength steel, it is far lighter and corrosion-resistant. 

    Pomoly LumberJack’s melting point is at 1668 ℃, meaning that this tent stove will not deform at the high temperatures you need when you’re using it to heat the tent, cook, bake, or even have a barbecue!

    Your POMOLY LumberJack Titanium Tent Wood Stove will never rust, which is especially important for a heat source that is designed to work inside and outside tents, come rain or come shine.

    As camping and outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we know how important it is to have flexibility and different modes you can choose from and options you can adapt and customize. 

    That’s why you can assemble Pomoly LumberJack  in its:

    With a detachable double-layer design, this is the instantly ready-to-use oven you always wanted for your off-grid excursions.

    By simply removing the top cover and replacing it with a grill, Pomoly LumberJack  becomes a ready-to-use barbecue. We reinforced the grill so that it can withstand the naturally occurring thermal expansion and cold contraction of a grill while enduring minimal deformation over time.

     Titanium Detachable Assembled wall tent stove Chimney Non Rolling Solid Section Flue.

    The oven also has a heat-resistant high-temperature side glass that makes it easy to keep what you’re baking—or cooking—under visual control.  

    LumberJack is easy to clean as well. You can seamlessly open its Cleanout Door to get all the ash out.

    In fact, on both sides of the Portable Wood Stove and on the top of the stove’s glass, you’ll find a Sliding Intake Control, allowing you to slide it in or out to control the air intake for the wood to burn better.

    You want a stable fire to heat your tent without rushing up the chimney—and that’s what you’ll have with Pomoly LumberJack’s Fire Arrestor, preserving the heat by keeping the fire under control.

    The Spark Arrestor prevents sparks from getting out of hand. With three detachable rings for wind ropes fixing, we can fix the chimney firmly to prevent it from toppling in the wind and rain. 

    Tips: The titanium section chimney must be fixed with 3 guy lines to prevent the chimney from slant.

    A typical fireplace has a log basket that keeps firewood readily available and dry. This convenience is also available to you with Pomoly LumberJack. Its base works as a Firewood Rack close enough to the firebox to help keep the firewood dry with the available heat.

    When the weather is nice, the base can be placed on the bottom, with the firewood rack keeping it dry and in hand. When you’re out in humid and rainy areas, you can place the base on the top and let the ground dry first. In any case, you’ll always have dry firewood for a sunny day barbecue or for a rainy evening’s cozy cooking and heating moments.

    When you’re cooking, Pomoly LumberJack’s extensible shelves work like special wings you can add to the Portable Tent Stove’s main body to make things easier for you. Conveniently place cooking knives, pans, or cups right there where you need them.

    LumberJack comes with a compact kettle that is also easy to carry and very convenient. Place it at the side of the Camping Wood Stove and keep water always within reach, whether it is to drink or cook.

    POMOLY LumberJack comes in two available sizes, allowing you to decide the heating and cooking capacity—and volume—you want to rely on.

    CHART (Without Titanium Chimney)

    Stove Type Outdoor Wood Stove
    Carrying Weight 13.2 lb / 6 kg
    Storage Dimension 14.2 x 11.4 x 6.7 in / 36 x 29 x 17 cm
    Firebox Dimension 13.4x 10.6 x 12.2 in / 34 x 27 x 31 cm
    Assembly Dimension 21.3 x 10.6 x 18.9 in / 54 x 27 x 48 cm
    Firebox Volume 28.5 L
    Front Glass Size 10.4 x 5.9 in / 26.5 x 15 cm
    Chimney Height Option
    Pipe Diameter 2.76 in / 7 cm
    Spark Arrestor Yes
    Material 1mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)


    Lumberjack Max Stove

    Side Shelves

    9 Sections Titanium Chimney

    Chimney Fixed Ring

    Stove Bag

    Chimney Bag

    Titanium Side Kettle (Option)

    Titanium Campfire Grill (Option)

    Titanium Oven (Option)

    Tip: The titanium section chimney must be fixed with 3 guy lines to prevent the chimney from slant. Do not remove the guy lines until the chimney is completely cooled, otherwise the guy lines might be melted by the high temperature chimney.

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[Pre Order] Lumberjack Max | Titanium Wood Stove | Portable Tent Stove | POMOLY New Arrival 2022
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Incredible stove. With the added accessories it’s become my favorite stove for large tents.

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