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  • 02:10
    Pomoly T1 Stove Display, Assembly And Disassembly
    This video shows how we install the Pomoly T1 Titanium wood stove and how we disassemble this hot tent stove. This video is divided into five segments. They are the display of stove parts, how to install the stove, how to install the side shelves of the stove, how to install and remove the side shelves of the stove, and how to disassemble the stove. By watching this video, you can get to know pomoly's foldable titanium stove better. T1 Stove Link: Visit our website: Our Email:
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  • 00:58
    How to roll up the titanium stove pipe?
    I rolled up my titanium stove pipe only using two clips. This video will show you how to set up the stove flue easily.
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  • 00:35
    Why you should use a branch on the hot tent stove jack?
    If you don't put any branches, the stove pipe may blowed to the tent fabric, and this may burn out the tent. But if you use some branches on the stove jack, it will better protect the tent when burning the stove.
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  • 00:18
    Branches were placed up and down to protect the tent stove jack
    Branches were placed up and down, if possible. So that you can better protect the tent fabric. Please do not believe that the stove jack is absolutely fireproof. If the high temperature stove pipe touch the stove jack for a long time, it will also cause loss. If the stove pipe comes touch the cloth of the tent, it will damage the tent directly.
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  • 00:57
    How to use Pomoly hot tent top cap correctly?
    When camping in a pomoly hot tent, do you know how to set the top cap to control the air-exchange? This video will show you the advantages of this cross-design top cap.
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  • 01:26
    How to roll up titanium stove pipe quickly in 90 seconds alone?
    Do you have any trouble rolling up the new titanium wood stove at the first time? Now, this step is easier than you think. This video will show you how to quickly and efficiently roll titanium sheets into stove pipe alone. We believe that this short video will bring you a new skill and you will be surprised by it. Link:
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  • 10:48
    How to set up a Pomoly hot tent by only One person?
    If you've already bought a Pomoly hot tent or you want to buy it, but you don't know how to set it up, then maybe you need to watch this video. My video will show how I set up this tipi tent in about 10 minutes by myself, which means by only one person. I hope you can learn to build this tent by yourself after watching this video. Thank you for your support.
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  • 00:57
    POMOLY Titanium Portable Cooking Grate for Bushcraft and Camping
    This video shows you all the steps about Pomoly Portable Cooking Grate. Following this instruction video, you can easily complete the portable folding Titanium camping grate. Shop now: Visit our website: Our Email:
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