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Best 6 Person Bell Tent with Stove Jack for Camping (1)

The Circle 6 is POMOLY's first bell-shaped tent with a stove jack suitable for winter camping for 4-6 people.

Bell tents are a classic and historical design of a tent that is characterized by its simple single pole support structure over which the canvas walls are pulled taut and secured with guy ropes. They are similar to tipis but have walls that can be lifted up and down during use.

During winter camping, a bell tent stove can bring warmth and cooking fun to camping, POMOLY has a tent stove for bell tents, if you need to visit: POMOLY Tent Stove


Advantages of a bell tent for winter camping - take Circle 6 as an example

Spaciousness and Design

One of the key advantages of a bell tent, such as the CIRCLE 6, is its spaciousness and unique design. The CIRCLE 6 is designed to accommodate up to 6 people without the inner tent, and it offers ample room for 3 people when the inner tent is used. The tent features an aluminum alloy ring and a straight tent pole, along with a horizontal aluminum alloy ring at the top. This design not only enhances the space at the top but also improves the internal space utilization compared to traditional tipi tents of the same height. Despite its generous internal space, the CIRCLE 6 remains lightweight compared to tents with similar floor area and internal space.

Enhanced Wind Resistance

Another advantage of a bell tent like the CIRCLE 6 is its enhanced wind resistance. Due to its low height and small windward area, the CIRCLE 6 performs better in windy conditions compared to ordinary pyramid tents. The sturdy construction of the tent, with its aluminum alloy components, provides added stability and ensures that the tent can withstand strong winds. This feature is particularly important during winter camping when wind chill can be a significant factor. The enhanced wind resistance of a bell tent adds to the overall safety and comfort of your camping experience.

Stove Compatibility

One of the standout features of the CIRCLE 6 Winter Tent is its compatibility with wood stoves. The tent is specifically designed to accommodate a wood stove, allowing you to have a reliable heat source during your winter camping trips. The tent includes a heat-resistant fabric right below the stove jack, which protects the groundsheet from burning even if burning carbon fire falls on it. This stove compatibility feature is invaluable during winter camping when maintaining warmth inside the tent is essential. The wood stove creates a cozy atmosphere and ensures that you stay comfortable and warm throughout your camping adventure.

 Versatility and Adaptability

In addition to its advantages for winter camping, a bell tent like the CIRCLE 6 offers versatility and adaptability for various camping scenarios. Its spacious design allows for more than just sleeping arrangements. You can set up comfortable seating areas, store camping gear, and even create a cozy living space inside the tent. The vertical walls and high ceilings provide ample headroom and make the tent feel more like a home away from home. This versatility allows you to enjoy winter camping to the fullest, whether you're spending a weekend in the mountains or embarking on a more extended winter adventure.

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