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Canvas Hot Tent with T1 Stove (2)

Hot Tent Combo Option
HEX Canvas Hot Tent With Half Inner Tent
T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE 3m Chimney with Spark Arrestor
Tent Weight 23.15 lb / 10.5 kg
Stove Weight 8.6 lb / 3.9kg
Total weight 31.75 lb / 14.4kg

Canvas tent camping has always been a vision of camping enthusiasts for wilderness camping, which is different from those tents made of silicone nylon and polyester materials. The material of the canvas tent comes from nature and is used in nature. We use 70% cotton and 30% polyester to make our canvas hot tent. Cotton is an important raw material for making canvas tent, and it is also a good thermal insulation material. Adding 30% polyester can increase the toughness and strength of the tent and prevent the tent from being torn.

This canvas tent has excellent heat insulation. It can ensure that the temperature inside the tent will not be too low in a cold environment or snowy days. At the same time, with your tent stove, camping in cold winter is not a problem at all, because it has good heat insulation. This canvas tent also has good air permeability. When we use a camping wood stove inside the tent, it can keep the inside of the tent in a comfortable temperature range, not sultry or cold. Good air permeability can make the internal air and the external heat exchange, so the canvas hot tent will not condense like the nylon tent.

Our recommended match is PERSPECTIVE T1 Stove with 3m stove pipe and spark arrestor. We need to pay attention that the height of the stove pipe needs to exceed the top of the tent to prevent burning sparks from damaging the surface of the tent. The height of our canvas tent reached 2.7 meters, so we chose a 3-meter stove pipe and a spark arrestor to ensure safety. Similar to Combo 2, we can add firewood to the stove while sitting in the half inner tent, make a cup of coffee when cold, or make a perfect camping meal.