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Cheap Hot Tent With Stove Jack On Sale With Discount Coupon Special Offer

May 12, 2020
Because of the boring experience of ordinary camping, more and more campers began to explore some new ways of camping. Based on this, hot tents with cooking functions are becoming more and more popular. But at present, the price of hot tents on the market is generally on the high side. Many people who just want to try this new style camping tent with stove jack prefer to purchase a cheap tent with stove with stove, which will save their much spending. Considering this, here we will recommend a low price camping hot tent for you.

What is the normal price of a hot tent? What is the reasonable range of low price?

In general, the price of hot tents on the market is between $150 and $400. As an experienced hot tent manufacturer and retailer, we advise users NOT to buy a hot tent less than $100. Because too low a price means two serious problems. One big problem is the poor quality of the camping tent with stove fabric. The second problem is that the fireproof stove jack is of low quality. As we know, the price of a general camping tent with good quality is at least $100. Considering there is an extra fire resistance stove cloth in a hot tent, it will need more material cost, and also increase a lot of production processes and technology. So if you want a hot tent of good quality, its low price range is 140-180 dollars. We believe this is reasonable.

What's the quality of Pomoly's low-cost hot tents?

For the question on the quality of Pomoly winter tent with stove jack, please don't worry, we believe in the 300D Oxford fabric of our hot tents. It's much more durable, waterproof, and can be used longer than light fabric in other brand products.

Why is the price of a Pomoly hot tent lower? 

First of all, not all our hot tents are cheap. At present, we only offer low price coupons of Pomoly solo hot tent in this article for the readers here. The purpose of this coupon is to enable more people who want to experience a winter hot tent to conduct new outdoor exploration at a lower cost. At the same time, we want to get more feedback on the quality of our products. Mention again: our other products are still at normal prices. If this solo camping hot tent  can't meet your needs, you can choose to shop for our other sizes of hot tent products. It's worth noting that if you have not registered as a member of our website, you can go to the Pomoly homepage to register.

Is there any problem with product quality after Pomoly's solo tent price is reduced?

We hereby promise that the solo person backpacking hot tent and 5-6 person winter tent with stove are all produced by the same workers through the same standard, no matter the use of cloth or the processing flow. While the low-cost coupons are only provided for the needs of marketing, it will not have any impact on the quality.

How can I buy a low price Pomoly solo hot tent?

Currently, we only offer coupons to users who have read this article here. The sale price on our shop is $169.98. Now you can get it by $152.98 with a 10% off coupon.

10% off coupon code: CSH10C. You can fill in this coupon when you place an order to get a lower price.

1. These coupons can only be used for your first purchase for a Pomoly solo winter tent with stove. 
2. Only for a Pomoly solo winter tent with wood stove. Not for other products in Pomoly. 
3. This coupon cannot be used with other coupons.
4. For members only.
5. You can only use the coupon before you complete the payment. We do not offer any part refund after your payment.

1. The right of final interpretation of this promotion belongs to pomoly team.

2. If you have any questions about this promotion, please feel free to contact us by email ( We offer 7*24 hours email support.

Pomoly specially provide high quality camping ultralight hot tent. Our goal is making the best quality backpacking hot tent in camping markets. Besides, we also offer some hunting tent with stove accessories, camping gears and cooking gears. Welcome to subscribe and join us.

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