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  • T****B
    Bon matériel à prix correct vendeur professionnel
    Juste un soucis avec le sac de rangement de la tente, au bout de la 3ème utilisation le zip de la fermeture éclair s'est détachée sac fermé galère... Couture pas très solide le sac sera peut être à améliorer
  • Jo****er
    Excellent concept and design. 4 day trip on the Ohio Buckeye Trail and I was comfortable warm and dry using my ammo box wood stove. I found that using wood limb bipods for the tent supports worked better for entry and exit from the tent since I’m 6’7”. Now if I could only afford a Pomoly Stove .
  • m*******
    I received my tent about a week before Christmas and noticed that around Christmas time my area of Connecticut would receive Snow (and high winds) on one day - turning to freezing rain (the next day) and then the next day it would be a normal cold rain.
    I felt this was a great opportunity for all of these conditions and setup the tent in my backyard.
    I wanted to test at least 3 things (not necessarily in this order):
    Hot Tent aspect with a Pomoly wood stove
    Load under weight from the snow and freezing rain, and
    water proof from the rain.

    First: No leaking - no water got into the tent; dry as a bone inside.
    Second: Hot Tent aspect... wonderful. Really needed to watch the stove because I was getting super hot inside the tent and had to open the rear doors to cool down!
    Third: Tent under load... it was here that I noticed that the side having the awning - really needs to have a tie-out like the back of the tent.
    Under load, the awning side will sag inward and a simple tie-out similar to the back of the tent would make it perfect.
    I don't mind adding this tie-out myself, but hopefully Pomoly will consider adding the triangular tie-out that exists on the back of the tent - to the awning. This is essential in my opinion for North American winter camping as the snow load can be quite considerable overnight (or during the day).
    This is not a show stopper; but very inconvenient - I had to prop up that awning side of the tent during the snow fall.

    One other thing I noticed is that where the stove resides... when the fabric is wet it will sag inward toward the stove a little. (Yes, I did go out and adjust the tension but it did not have any affect for this issue).

    I simply adjusted the position of the stove and used a small stick to push the wall away from the stove, but what I really want to say here is that if there were one or two more tie-outs on the stove wall area - that would fix this issue.

    So, all in all... I give this tent 4 out of 5 stars.
    All that is needed to make it a 5 star tent (for North American Weather Systems) is a few more tie-outs.

    For the price, I'm happy and would purchase again. Do I mind having to add a few more tie-out points? No... but if Pomoly wants to make this tent perfect - a few more tie-outs should do the trick.
  • Jo****en
    great tent. took it out on a 2 day hot tent trip and did a video for the channel. Definitely loved it.
  • Jo****at
    A well made tent only issue is condensation as in all single walled tents may I suggest a pull out on the door side as it sags inward overall I'm pleased with the tent
  • Cy****od
    I never got the stove hut 70 camping hot tent. I paid for it over two months ago. No one will answer my emails and I can not find a phone number anywhere to call them.
    The company is non responsive.
    Service:Hi, we have checked our email records and we have replied to your message via email before. Please check your spam folder. Just to clarity, your order was placed on Nov 21.
  • J****g
    I really want to buy your things, but it's a pity that I'm in China. I don't know which country your store is in, and how much postage and customs are needed, but I really want to buy your things, because I really like them!
  • Ma****ic
    Bonjour j ai bien reçu votre message oui j'attends le colis avec impatience merci pour votre rapidité cordialement M.Marlier

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