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Compare Tent Fabric: Polyester Oxford, Cotton Canvas and Nylon

Mar 1, 2020

Most of the hot tent manufacturers choose polyester, oxford, canvas, cotton, nylon or improved materials to make hot tents.

The early oxford cloth was made of pure cotton. But now more oxford cloth is made of a variety of materials. It is worth noting that these days oxford cloth used in hot tent with stove production is generally 100% polyester.

In the past, canvas was made from Hemp. But now canvas for camping hot tentis made from cotton. So, camping tent with stoves advertised as canvas or cotton are all made from the same thing.

So in fact, the commonly used materials for making hot tents are polyester oxford, cotton canvas and nylon.

Why does Pomoly use nylon to make tents?
Nylon is thin and light, suitable for mountaineering and hiking camping, and it is easy to dry and not easy to mold.

Why does Pomoly use cotton canvas to make tents?
It is one of the preferred fabrics for making hot tents because it is very strong. Canvas tents can withstand strong winds and resist obstacles and tearing. When treated with a waterproof coating, they can also be rainproof.

Why we choose 300D Oxford fabric?
Before talking about why Pomoly chose 300D Oxford fabric, let's first understand what is 300d oxford cloth? 300D Oxford Cloth With Silver Coated Layer is an advanced winter hot tent fabric.Polyester oxford cloth is not easy to deform. It is durable and has good waterproof effect. It is easy to clean and care as well. Oxford cloth has many styles according to different sewing density, such as 210D, 300D, 600D, etc. Considering the price, weight and quality of the products, we chose the Oxford cloth of 300D.Our HEX Tent Series uses 300d oxford cloth.

300D Oxford Cloth

The biggest difference between our teepee tent made of this cloth and other winter tent with stove brands is the durable cloth. It's impressive for outdoor adventurers, especially for people who use the hot tent in some special places such as forests and snow mountains. There is no doubt that the quality of tent fabric people use can affect their camping experience.

Our Pomo series hot tents are all made of this 300D Oxford fabric. You can find more product information here:

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6Side Camping Teepee Tent

6SidePlus Camping Teepee Tent

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