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Detailed Specifications and Advantages of 300D Oxford Fabric

Mar 9, 2021

The windproof and waterproof grade of a camping hot tent is closely related to the fabric of the tent. We are committed to producing durable hot tents, Based on this goal, we chose 300D Oxford cloth as the main material of the hot tent. This material is so strong and durable that it has been affirmed and loved by customers. At present, we have obtained the following data of 300D Oxford cloth:

The raw material of 300D Oxford cloth: 100% polyester

The density of 300D Oxford cloth: 93-122T

The weight of 300D Oxford cloth: 130 (g/㎡)

The waterproof water pressure of 300D Oxford cloth: more than 2000mm, (due to the different silver coating process, the waterproof water pressure can reach 2500-3500mm.)

The quality standard of 300D Oxford cloth: China National Standard (GB)

The weave of 300D Oxford cloth: plain weave

300D Oxford cloth is not fireproof. If the entire camping hot tent is made of fire-resistant materials, the first problem is that the weight of the winter hot tent will be very heavy and it is not convenient to carry. Furthermore, the production cost of the product will be very high. In view of the above considerations, if you want to use the hot tent safely and extend the service life of the hot tent, you should camp in strict accordance with the correct usage and precautions.

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