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Home>HOT TENTS>HEX Tent Series>HEX>POMOLY HEX Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack 2 Person | 2020 Version
POMOLY HEX Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack 2 Person | 2020 Version

POMOLY HEX Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack 2 Person | 2020 Version

US$ 249.99
Green Brown White
Mesh Inner Tent
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Half Inner Tent
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  • Detail
    • Product Name: POMOLY HEX Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack 2 Person | 2020 Version
    • Item NO.: T1911
    • Weight: 6.8 kg = 14.9914 lb = 239.8629 oz
    • Category: HOT TENTS > HEX Tent Series > HEX
    • Brand: POMOLY
    • Creation Time: 2020-03-11
    • 【300D Oxford Cloth With Silver Coated Layer】This is our core advantage. More Waterproof, Anti-wear, and tear-resistant. Much warmer and insulated than other tents with stove holes.
    • 【Removable Cap】You can remove the cap to exchange the air. More fresh air can improve your circulatory strain and pulse, and makes you more joyful.
    • 【Mesh Skylight】Protect you from mosquitoes and insects. Insects in the wild are annoying and some even can bite. This design can give you better protection.
    • 【Stove Jack】You can use a wood stove in the tent. Outdoor cooking is a necessary skill for survival camping. You will definitely enjoy the tasty food made outdoors.
    • 【Tent Skirt】Placing rocks or soil on it can make the tent more stable. The design with a snow skirt is definitely much more stable than the ordinary teepee tent.
    • 【Two Doors Design】You can open two doors and get in or get out of the tent easily. This will make you enjoy this outdoor home better.
    • Tips: This tent with stove hole has a stove jack for free, do NOT need to purchase separately.

    Capacity 1-2P with tent wood burning stove or 2P
    Stove Jack Heat resisting fabric (upgrade 2021)
    Snow Skirt 6 sides snow skirts
    Doors Two opposite doors
    Tent Fabric 300D Oxford with silver coating layer
    Waterproof 3000MM+ Waterproof Seam
    Floor Shape Regular Hexagon (Side length: 62 in)
    Floor Dimension 69.4 sq ft / 6.4 sq m
    Peak Height 95 inch / 7.92 feet / 240 cm
    Weight 12.6 lb / 5.7 kg
    Half inner or Mesh inner 2.2lb / 1kg or 3.53lb / 1.6kg
    Joint Treatment Seamed with Glue
    Ventilation Top Vent and Bottom Vent
    Packed Size 24.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 in
    Color Coffee, White, Green
    Season 4 Season (Especially in winter)

    How to use the stove jack of our teepee tent correctly?

    These tips are helpful to some experienced campers:
    1. Roll up the jack cover and fix it.
    Don't let the jack cover cloth touch the hot pipes. Ordinary tent cloth, such as our 300D oxford cloth, can't stand such a high pipe temperature. So you need to roll up the cover cloth and make sure it's far away from the hot pipe. 
    2. Make sure your pipes is in the center of the stove jack.
    You should try to make the stove pipes in the center of the jack hole by moving the stove position. And don't let the pipe touch any fabric. 
    3. Use branches to separate pipes and tent cloth.
    Some people may find it difficult to keep the stove pipes from touching the tent cloth by moving the stove position. In this case, you can use branches as barriers to separate them. 
    4. Make sure the tent doesn't shake.
    When you put the pipe in the center of the stove jack, don't be careless. If the tent shakes, it means the hot pipes may touch the tent cloth. To make the stove jack cloth last longer, you should protect it as well as possible.
    The important thing you need to know:
    The jack cloth is fireproof, but the stitched thread has no fire proof function. If you let the tent cloth too close to the hot pipe, it may cause the sewing thread to be burned off, which may cause damage to the tent.


    Regular care of your POMOLY teepee tent will ensure its optimal conditions and longer lifetime. We provide some basic cleaning suggestions for the teepee tent.
    1. Dirt removal - Please use a soft brush to clean the surface of the tent, including a snow skirt, floor mat, and an inner tent.
    2. Detergent - Please use a neutral detergent to clean the tent.
    3. Zippers - Please use soapy water to clean the zipper part.
    4. The tent can't be washed by the washing machine, or the coating and glue pressing of the tent will be damaged.
    5. Please do not use brushes and other hard objects to scrub the tent, otherwise, the waterproof coating on the outside of the tent will be damaged, thus damaging its waterproof performance.
    6. Regularly check the fixing points of the tent. If there is any stitching problem, please mend it in time and use the tent seam sealer for sealing.
    7. Once your tent is fully dry and there are no damp patches at all, you can roll or fold your clean, dry tent up carefully ready for storage. Making sure it’s completely clean and dry before packing your tent away ensure that no nasty mildew builds up while it’s in storage.

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POMOLY HEX Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack 2 Person | 2020 Version
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Customer Reviews



Tent is great, fantastic quality and provides great space. Highly recomend
Service:Thanks for your support.


Hex hot tent + t1 mini stove
Im disappointed. Beware people!! This has hidden import fees
.. i paid 580 euros and now i have alot of extra money that i have to pay!!
Service:Hi, please check here: We have taken the initiative to adjust the declared price of the products to reduce the amount you pay in terms of customs duties. Kindest regards.


The Tent is awesome! It's great value for the money as well. I find it very comfortable to fit 2 people with a wood stove in . Also Pomoly staff and the managers are super friendly and really help out when there's a problem. The only thing i would fix is maybe making the tent itself a bit more portable and lighter other than that its great so far! :)


Love to design perfect for one or two people but due to covid-19 and too much work haven't had a chance to use one yet so hopefully 2021 will break some free time and I can give a better response to your tents


This tipi tent is amazing!! It's great in the summer because you can open it right up. I can't wait to try it out in the winter months with a stove!! Great job Pomoly!!
Service:We are very happy to hear that you like this tent. This makes us feel that what we are doing is valuable. Thank you very much for your support.


First field test of my Teepee with stove jack February 16, 2020. I flew into Hells Canyon and landed on the Idaho side for a solo predator hunt. The weather ranged from relentless winds, snow, rain, and sunshine the day I flew out.
The Tentsme Teepee withstood all of the elements and having a stove was warm indeed. I like this tent fabric better than canvas tents, and I stayed dry and warm. That said with a stove, and one cot it becomes a one-man tent. I would definitely purchase a tent twice this size made in the same material ,and design. It's just too small for my needs. Cheers!
Service:Your travel is so amazing. Okay, I will communicate with our designers and try to launch an enlarged version of the product this year.


First overnight trip with my hot tent and woodstove. It blew and poured rain all night but we stayed warm and dry. Condensation was minimal even once we shut the door.


I know it looks sad. Still learning how to set it up. It kept me warm and dry. Need to find a cot that will fit in this tent.
Service:Try it a few more times and you'll make it look better. I'm sure about this.


I think this will work out great for ice fishing camping


Hello, my initial review of the Cold Tent is mixed. I wanted a tent with a stove jack for airplane camping & hunting. The price is very reasonable and the material is tough. That said it is much smaller than I expected. I’m only 5’10 and I can’t stand in the tent. With a stove, a little wood, and gear with one cot it becomes a one person tent. I’d definitely be interested in a larger version.
Service:Hi, thank you for your feedback. We are designing and producing a large version indeed. People are likely to place more gears in the tent, so a larger version can better meet their needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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