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HEX Hot Tent with T1 Stove (2)

Hot Tent Combo Option
HEX Hot Tent With Half Inner Tent
T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE 2m Chimney with Spark Arrestor
HEX Hot Tent Weight 14.8 lb / 6.7 kg
T1 Stove PERSPECTIVE Weight 8.6 lb / 3.9kg
Total weight 23.4 lb / 10.6kg

It's our first tipi hot tent. The details of all POMOLY tents are concentrated on this tipi tent. It has a detachable top hat, a high-temperature resistant stove jack, a half inner tent and a mesh inner tent, and a snow skirt. In the cold winter, we can burn the T1 Stove inside the hot tent. You can even sit in the half inner tent to add firewood to the stove, make coffee, or cook. In the case of a half-inner tent, it has a max size of two adults. This hot tent has good ventilation, the bottom vents of the half inner tent, and the outer tent correspond to each other. When we use half inner tents, we don't have to worry about the problem of smoke leakage from the stove. The door of the inner tent isolates most of the smoke and retains the heat emitted by the stove. For those who are afraid of bug or insects, HEX mesh inner tent can solve this problem. You can open the two opposite doors on both sides, face the sea or the quiet forest, and listen to the sound of nature. This is the best gift from nature to us.

Our recommended match is PERSPECTIVE T1 Stove. When we lie inside the half inner tent, we can observe the burning of the T1 stove through the glass on the side, and we can adjust the damping of the stovepipe at any time. When we cook inside the tent, we can observe the burning of the stove through the front glass, and use the slide switch on the front door to control the air intake.