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Hot Shelter with T1 Stove (2)

Hot Tent Combo Option
Hot shelter Without Inner Bug Net
T1 Stove Flame 3m Chimney without Spark Arrestor
Hot Shelter Weight 12.35lb / 5.6kg
T1 Stove Flame Weight 7.94lb / 3.6kg
Total weight 20.28 lb / 9.2kg

We have upgraded and improved the details in the shelter. To improve the abrasion performance and service life of the hot shelter so that it can adapt to the poorer outdoor environment, we have upgraded many details of the hot shelter, such as reinforced ground nail fixing points and windproof cable buckles. We sewed a high-temperature resistant stove jack on the side of the hot shelter, and according to different environments and needs, we can use different setup methods to match the T1 stove. The hot shelter sleeps up to 2 people with T1 Stove as a fully functional tent, and there is still lots of space left for your personal belongings.

Our recommended match is Flame T1 Stove. The shape of the side of the shelter is triangular, and the front glass door of Flame is directly facing our sleeping area, which is very suitable for observing the burning of the stove.