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Lost Lakes: -27° Winter Camping 7 Days | Snow & Cold in a Canvas Hot Tent | Summarize

Nov 17, 2023

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In a captivating YouTube video by Lost Lakes, the adventurous spirit of winter camping comes to life as they endure seven days of extreme cold and snow in a canvas hot tent. This unique camping experience showcases the resilience and beauty of nature in harsh winter conditions. In this blog post, we will summarize the highlights of Lost Lakes' winter camping adventure, providing insights into their journey and the challenges they faced.

Exploring the Winter Wilderness:

Lost Lakes takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the winter wilderness, where snow-covered landscapes and frozen lakes create a magical backdrop. They navigate through pristine forests, showcasing the untouched beauty of nature during the winter season. The captivating visuals and serene surroundings depict the allure of winter camping and the opportunity to connect with nature in a unique way.

The Canvas Hot Tent:

Lost Lakes utilizes a canvas hot tent as their shelter during the winter camping expedition. This type of tent, made from durable canvas fabric, provides insulation and warmth in freezing temperatures. The canvas hot tent becomes a cozy refuge amidst the cold, offering a comfortable space to relax, sleep, and enjoy meals. Lost Lakes demonstrates the practicality and functionality of this type of tent for winter camping adventures.


Enduring Extreme Cold:

With temperatures dropping to -27° Celsius, Lost Lakes faces the challenge of enduring extreme cold throughout their seven-day camping trip. They showcase their preparation and adaptation to the freezing conditions, emphasizing the importance of proper winter gear and layers of insulation. Despite the harsh cold, Lost Lakes demonstrates that with the right equipment and mindset, winter camping can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

Cooking and Survival Skills:

Lost Lakes showcases their cooking and survival skills in the winter wilderness. They prepare warm and nourishing meals using portable stoves and open fires, highlighting the importance of hot food and beverages to stay energized and comfortable. Through their demonstrations, they provide valuable insights and tips for cooking in cold weather conditions and showcase the resourcefulness required for survival in the winter wilderness.

Embracing the Beauty of Snow:

The abundance of snow becomes an integral part of Lost Lakes' winter camping experience. They engage in various activities such as snowshoeing, building snow shelters, and even creating snow art. The beauty and tranquility of the snow-covered landscape add a touch of magic to their adventure, inviting viewers to appreciate the wonders of winter and the opportunities it presents for outdoor exploration.


Lost Lakes' -27° winter camping adventure in a canvas hot tent is a testament to the resilience of nature and the human spirit. Through their captivating YouTube video, they inspire us to embrace the challenges and beauty of winter camping. The canvas hot tent provides a warm and comfortable shelter, enabling them to enjoy the winter wilderness while enduring extreme cold. Lost Lakes' journey reminds us of the importance of proper preparation, adaptability, and a sense of adventure when embarking on winter camping expeditions. So, gear up, embrace the cold, and experience the breathtaking beauty of winter in the great outdoors.

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