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T1 Series 2022 (8)

POMOLY T1 Stove Series

WHY T1?   Material - Titanium 1mm Thickness - Unique in the world - Deform Resistance at High Temperature

POMOLY Wood Stoves are made from 1mm GR1 Titanium. It’s durable, deform resistance, portable, and lightweight

Compared with other titanium stoves, POMOLY T1 stove is more durable and it has better deformation resistant.

Ideal for as a heat source for a hot tent or cooking meals in the wilderness.

The Pomoly T1 stove series is very popular among camping enthusiasts, backpackers, and ice fishermen. This is one of the reasons why our camping wood stove will become a hot topic during winter camping. From the perspective of the T1 tent stove itself, it is very practical and easy to carry. It is a typical portable wood stove and a camping wood stove that Pomoly customers like very much.

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