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The Reason Why Cardholder Fail to Pass 3D Authorized Service When Paying And Solution

Dec 3, 2020
3D secure is a credit card authentication program implemented by VISA and MasterCard to reduce fraudulent transactions by verifying the cardholder's identity during online transactions. Each card organization has a different name for 3D authentication...
Visa:Verified by VISA
MasterCard:MasterCard SecureCode
American Express:American Express SafeKey
3D security authentication helps reduce fraud and transfer responsibility to issuers.

The use process of 3D security authentication.
1. Customers choose and buy products on the website.
2. Enter credit card information on the payment page.
3. Click the button to get the dynamic SMS password.
4. Enter SMS password and confirm payment.

5. Complete the purchase.

Dynamic SMS password verification is to verify the identity of customers by sending random SMS passwords to their mobile phone numbers registered in the banking system, so as to provide security for customers to use credit cards on the Internet. When customers make online payment on any merchant website participating in 3D verification service, they must use dynamic SMS password.

If you are unable to complete 3D verification, it may be due to the following reasons:
1. Forget the mobile phone number in the credit card bank system.
2. The mobile phone number is no longer used.
3. Mobile phone number cannot accept SMS.

4. Website system failure.

5. Using the credit card in different places

6. Inputting the wrong payment password for many times

7. Not entering the verification code in time


You can try to pay by:
1. Choose another time to try to pay.
2. Quit the payment and replace the browser to try to pay.

3. Find the mobile phone number bound by the bank and check whether the mobile phone number can receive SMS.

Latest Update:

We have adjusted the 3D verification. If your order exceeds $800, it will trigger 3D verification. If you can't pass the 3D verification, we suggest that you can purchase in multiple orders, and the amount of each order should not exceed $800. In this way, the purchase of products can be completed without triggering 3D verification, which can greatly improve the payment success rate.

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