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Many camping enthusiasts use stainless steel stoves when camping, but the stove pipe used as an accessory is made of titanium. This is mainly because titanium stove pipe has many advantages compared to the stainless steel stove pipe. The following article introduces why people choose titanium stove pipes.

1. Titanium stove pipe has shape memory function

The titanium stove pipe has a shape memory function when it is burned for the first time. This means that if it is difficult for you to roll the stove pipe to a length of 6.5ft for the first time, it will be very easy to roll it to a length of 6.5ft after you burn it once.

2. Titanium stove pipe will not rust

Titanium in the air will produce a dense oxide on its surface. This oxide can prevent the internal titanium from being oxidized and lost. Therefore, titanium materials have good oxidation resistance.

3. Titanium stove pipe can be installed into stove pipes of various diameters

When you are rolling up the titanium stove pipe, controlling the degree of overlap can determine the diameter of the stove pipe. This can ensure that the titanium stove pipe can be applied to a variety of furnaces of different specifications.

TIMBER Wood Stove with stove pipe

4. Titanium stove pipe is small and easy to store

For this titanium stove pipe, the horizontal coil is a 6.5ft stove pipe that can be installed on the furnace, and the vertical coil is a 0.78ft round pipe, which can be stored in a backpack for easy carrying.

Titanium stove pipe

5. Titanium stove pipe is light and easy to carry

The 6.5ft length of the titanium stove pipe weighs only 8.6 ounces. This is undoubtedly very advantageous for lightweight camping.

Pomoly provides high-quality titanium stove pipes. If you need this product, you can consider adding it to your shopping list.

Titanium stove pipe (1)


After the titanium stove pipe is unfolded, it is a flat titanium sheet. Because the thickness of this titanium sheet is very thin, please be careful not to roll up the wrinkles when you roll the titanium sheet for the first time. We recommend that you find some videos on how to roll the titanium stove pipe from the Internet to learn, and then operate it yourself.

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