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Winter Fishing Tent (12)

POMOLY's Dome X, STOVEHUT and CHALET series tents are also known as winter fishing tents. Insulated, waterproof, windproof and with a floor, our winter fishing tents are suitable for solo or team use and are the perfect shelter for winter fishing!

Why Choose Our Winter Fishing Tent

Higher Insulation and Thermal Efficiency Than Many Cheap Tents

Our tents are made with heat and tear resistant fabrics such as Oxford cloth, nylon, tents with stove jacks, inner tents, fireproof mats and insulated floors that will keep you warm while you're out ice fishing with your friends.

Powerful Wind Resistance

Our dome winter fishing tents have a one-piece design and other tents have a sturdy anchor system to withstand high winds on open ice.

Waterproof and Snowproof

Our tents are made from waterproof and snowproof material rated up to 3000mm to keep out moisture and snow.

Easy to install and carry / Wide Space / Ventilated design

Our brand has been tried and tested for a long time and the craftsmanship of our tents is well established, trust us! POMOLY tents are perfect for winter-fishing, hunting and camping, and our tents with our wood stoves are all-weather.

People Also Ask

Which winter fishing tent is suitable for wind-prone areas?

We recommend the Dome series of winter fishing tents, which are highly insulated and difficult to flip.

Which is the warmest winter fishing tent?

Our winter fishing tents are insulated and come with a stove jack. To keep the inside of your tent warm enough, we recommend purchasing it with our portable titanium wood-burning stove, which is lightweight and burns efficiently to provide plenty of heat.

What is the best floor for ice fishing tent?

Our fireproof ground mats and oxford cloth inner tents with floors are insulated, moisture resistant, and best suited for ice fishing tents, which you can purchase with your tent.

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