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Locomotive 2 Chimney Tent | POMOLY New Arrival

Locomotive 2 Chimney Tent | POMOLY New Arrival

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Flame Retardant Ground Sheet
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Locomotive 2 Chimney Tent | POMOLY New Arrival
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Customer Reviews



Got this tent for winter backpacking setup and recently took it out to Colorado for a snowboarding trip. It was toasty warm during some those 10⁰ nights. On the 2nd day there, a blizzard through and it handled that great despite not having all the guys on it. Only downside is if you're tall, say 6'2+, your toes will touch the far wall of the tent while sleeping.


Outstanding Performance easy to set up ‼️‼️👍👍


Quick delivery without and hassle to the Netherlands Easy to pitch and comfortable tent. Downside is the length of the sleeping area. I am 1.95cm tall and my down sleeping bag gets really wet from condensation. My solution is to keep the inner tent open and put my head closer to the stove and my feet away from the sloping back-end of the tent. Firing up the stove in the morning helps drying my sleeping bag again, but it would be great if somewhat taller people like me also fit in the inner tent.


Love this tent, Looks bigger in person than what the photos show. Some say this is not a backpack tent, I call BS. You are either lazy and do n t have the hiking or camping credits or you are too weak. This tent only weight 6.2 pounds and 8.4 pounds if you purchase the ground sheet. Heck my wife is only 5 feet tall and weight 95 pounds and she carriers this like a piece of cake. Her rucksack weight in at 32 pounds and mine 60 pounds. We hike long distance. Stop complaining!


I am very happy with the overall performance, I had a chance to use it in the rain/snow with a stove. No leaking, and all night was really warm. Outside was -4/-2 C, inside of the tent 20/30 C with a nice burning stove. 5 out of 5. The only con that I can say is height could be 10 cm taller.


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My second tent from pomoly as i also own the dome X4 along with the locomotive now and i have their traveller 3 hot stove , belter of a tent , cant fault it but like a few others i do have recommendations like a Snow skirt , dont know why it doesnt have one when its clearly a winter tent , and the stove placement , so my stove is a pomoly and its in a pomoly tent but if i position my stove so that i can lean forward from inside my inner tent in the middle of the night to load wood into it , its a bit encroached of my exit / entry to me getting in or out of the tent for a midnight slash in the dark , now i can position it sideways so i can see the lovely flames and still gets a fantastic Heat from said stove but then its a bugger too load in such a tight space having to open the swinging door and grab wood and slide that inside without burning yourself and making sure it dont fall back out and in and out and put it back in again, you folks might be better at that than me but you get the picture right , i think the chimney placement is wrongside for that but its the correct side if you wanna cook on the stove while inside , thats my idea of a hot tent being able to prep and cook inside away from the weather but as i said it makes that midnight pee a little bit tricky getting in and out the tent , still love this little tent and it is backpack size with all my gear and foodstuff in my osprey aether 65 ,fully loaded its around 25 kilo and i carry the stove as its super lightweight inits bag provided and hike usually its about 3km from the road where i camp and its well worth the effort ,


Well, I set this tent 🏕️ up and love the size and shape of it. It’s my third tent purchased from Pomoly. I also have the Hex Plus and the Stovehut 70 2.0. This tent is fairly compact but I wouldn’t call it a backpacking tent but it could be achieved. The craftsmanship seems to get better and better. The peg out and stress locations are fully reinforced. There numerous tie out points to keep the tent planted in severe weather. It came with extras such as an additional chimney jack and upgraded guy outs with metal adjusters. I had it set up 2 days in the rain and it did not leak. The ground sheet is an awesome addition and compliments it well. I do wish it had a snow skirt and some more lantern hangout points inside. I don’t know if it’s me or it seems that some tents are missing some pegs to complete tying out the tent properly. I am 5’10” and there was ample room for me to stretch out. Two could sleep comfortably in the tent. The vestibule and stove area is huge and can store lots of gear or wood when using the stove. The 2 entry doors make it easy to bring gear in and out as well as load firewood 🪵 inside. The inner tent liner would most likely be for summer use but I believe you could keep it in and use it in the winter to provide a void between the outer tent wall and retain more heat. Overall I like this tent and it was easy to set up even without provided instructions.

Check out my review video on my YouTube channel BlueSea Bushcraft & Outdoors #bboliveofftheland

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