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Outdoor Camping Tent (19)

POMOLY outdoor camping tents have dome tents, tipi tents and cabin tents, they are made of 300D oxford fabric, cotton canvas, 40D nylon and other fabrics, suitable for 2-3 people, 4-6 people wild camping. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or family outdoors, you can find the right choice at PMOLY.

Dome Tent:

The Dome Tent is now POMOLY's flagship outdoor camping tent. Designed for versatility and durability, it is ideal for camping enthusiasts. This freestanding tent is easy to pitch and offers enhanced stability. The tent has a spacious interior with a dome design that provides plenty of headroom and comfortable living space. The tent is made from high quality materials to withstand all weather conditions and ensure reliable performance in the outdoors.

Tipi Tent:

Tipi tents, also known as teepee tents, are the oldest traditional shelters used for outdoor camping. These tents have stood the test of time due to their efficient design, providing protection from wind, rain, and snow while maximizing interior space utilization.
POMOLY offers a range of high-quality tipi tents constructed with durable Oxford cloth and waterproof materials. These tents are designed for all-season outdoor adventures and come with a half inner tent and stove jack. The high-grade waterproof materials, including seams and glued areas, ensure optimal weather resistance.

Cabin tent:

The Log Cabin Tent with DIY Tent Stove is perfect for solo outdoor camping adventures. The interior of this tent is spacious and cozy, allowing you to move around freely. Its vertical walls maximize usable space and provide plenty of headroom. The cabin tent is made of sturdy construction and durable materials that can withstand all weather conditions. It features windows and ventilation to ensure proper air circulation and minimize condensation. In addition, the DIY tent stove setup heats the tent at lower temperatures to ensure a cozy and warm camping experience. All in all, this cabin tent is tailor-made for solo campers looking for comfort, convenience and reliable performance in their outdoor adventures.

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