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17 Best Collapsible Wood Stove For Sale

A wood-burning stove provides an effective heat source for a home, cabin, or even a tent. It also creates a rustic feel and a warm, cozy ambience.

Wood-burning stoves are made from steel, cast iron, or soapstone and consist of a firebox with a chimney. They can produce up to 70,000 BTUs or more of heat, enough to warm a small home. Some are also designed to double as actual stoves for cooking. Wood-burning stoves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including stand-alone models, wall or hearth inserts, and portable stoves. This guide discusses what factors you should consider when shopping for these old-school heating appliances and reviews some of the best wood stove options on the market.

Quick View:

  1. Dweller Mini Wood Stove
  2. Dweller Max Wood Stove
  3. T-Brick Altay Mirror Version Limited Edition 
  4. T-BRICK MAX | Portable Titanium Stove
  5. T-BRICK Mini | Portable Titanium Wood Stove
  6. T1 FLAME Wood Stove | Titanium Tent Stove
  7. TIMBER Wolf Ultralight Tent Stove
  8. Lumberjack Max | Fastfold Titanium Wood Stove
  9. Timber Wolf 3 | Portable Titanium Stove
  10. TIMBER Stove | Titanium Wood Stove
  11. TIMBER 3 | Titanium Tent Stove 
  12. Traveller Wood Stove | Non Rolling Titanium Chimney Version 
  13. Traveller 3 Wood Stove | Lightweight Titanium Tent Stove
  14. T1 PERSPECTIVE Stove | Titanium Wood Stove  
  15. TAISOCA Oven Stove | T1 Series Portable Titanium Tent Wood Stove 
  16. Camping Titanium Oven Body For Stove Size L 
  17. Oroqen Tent Wood Stove | Stainless Steel Stove

Collapsible Wood Stove (10)

Small but powerful
This is T-Brick Mini.

Overall 1mm thickness pure titanium

New titanium spark arrestor

Titanium detachable baffle

Adjustable and detachable damper

Three-Dimensional reinforced structure top
Side air intake side panel

Free switching side panels
 Unique octagonal glass side panel
Strengthening stove body

Hollow whole plate folding stove legs

TRAVELLER 3 Wood Stove

Equipped with titanium non rolling solid section chimney

- Unique in the world -

2022 New Arrival

6.8lbs / 3.1kg (Titanium chimney not included)

0.6mm thickness pure titanium

New titanium stove pipe

Adjustable and detachable damper

 Fireproof side glass
Strengthening stove body
Lengthened front door air intake

Folding stove legs

Extra Chimney Link 👉: Titanium Section Pipes

POMOLY T1 Stove Series

WHY T1?   Material - Titanium 1mm Thickness - Unique in the world - Deform Resistance at High Temperature

POMOLY Wood Stoves are made from 1mm GR1 Titanium. It’s durable, deform resistance, portable, and lightweight

Compared with other titanium stoves, POMOLY T1 stove is more durable and it has better deformation resistant.

Ideal for as a heat source for a hot tent or cooking meals in the wilderness.

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