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T-Brick Mini | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Solo Hot Tent Camping | POMOLY New Series

T-Brick Mini | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Solo Hot Tent Camping | POMOLY New Series

US$ 475.00
1(2) Stove Pipe Length
6.56ft / 2m 9.84ft / 3m
2(2) Titanium Campfire Grill
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T-Brick Mini | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Solo Hot Tent Camping | POMOLY New Series
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Customer Reviews



Love this log burner, packs down so small and fits into my 65L backpack along with all my other camping gear , no warping solid piece of equipment , I see many people struggle with the pipe I just used a scaffolding tube to get the perfect shape before I did the first burn , currently waiting for the dweller to arrive can’t wait !


Love the stove. Rolling the stove pipe was very difficult, but with patience and perseverance I figured it out. The stove was awesome.


Amazing stove as expected - extremely well built and great design. The first Chinese product that I’ve seen built this well. It’s great that this company doesn’t follow the mould of knocking off someone else’s product ( which Chinese companies do - most people would think Pomoly stoves and Tents were made in Europe or Canada) AMAZING QUALITY and R&D. Cheers guys


It’s a great little stove. I’ve used it several times for cooking and heating my tent. Very good quality. I would but it again. Probably getting a bigger version for my back deck.


Very good quality! It is my first stove and I am very happy with the product. I used it with the Rhombus Bushcraft Shelter from Lonewolf902 and its getting really warm inside. I would order it again! clearly recommended!


The first time coiling the stove pipe was a bit difficult, but after the second time it was easy.


Rock solid. having one side as intake and one side as glass was such a good design concept. burned in well, no warping. used it twice so far this winter and considering how compact it is, it belts out the heat even in a large shelter. wasn't expecting that. if you don't mind having to feed a stove with wood more frequently given it's smaller size when compared to it's bigger brothers, this stove is the pick of the litter. hands down.


Great value, easy assembly, radiates sufficient heat for cooking and heating a tent. Bit of patience is needed to roll the pipe for the first time, it s a lot easier with the help of a friend.
Since the pipe can get very hot ( i measured 350deg celcius), I bought an additional BBQ mat to protect the tent. Works very well!


The stove is an absolute joy to work with. solid construction and way better designed then other stoves on the marked. T-Bricks are ahead of the rest. Customer service is also really great with Pomoly. Point for improvement would be the spark arrestor. even with the 2 meter pipe and the internal baffle attached, there where 3 sparks that came through the arrestor and burnt through our tarp. Though this was during an operation time of 6 hours, and the wood was of bad quality; full of wax and moist. We upgraded the spark arrestor with a stainless steel mesh with 4 mm gaps to prevent sparks of the low quality wood.


The T-Brick mini I purchased from Pomoly is well built. I burned wood in it for 12 straight hours in freezing weather. The T-Brick mini did a great job keeping my Stovehut 70 warm. After it cooled down I took it apart. There was no signs of warping. It fits perfect in my backpack. I would highly recommend this wood stove.


Arrived well and received the wood stove. But the titanium foil came in a folded state.. But there is no problem in using it. I hope the Stove Hut 70 tent that I ordered this time arrives soon.


I love the stove t brick mini is excellent build quality is second to none I will be obtaining more products from pomoly for sure


It's of good quality and easy to assemble. I only rate it 4 stars because I haven't tried it yet, so I know if it holds heat well.

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