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4-Person Camping Tent with Inner Tent and Stove Jacks (11)

POMOLY's 4-person camping tent is fully equipped with a matching inner or half-inner tent, fireproof groundsheet and stove jack, perfect for winter camping, ice fishing, hunting and other outdoor sports.
If you want our other camping tents, please visit: POMOLY Hot Tent
If you want our wood burning stoves, please visit: POMOLY Tent Stove


POMOLY's camping tents and wood stoves are always appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts, especially our 4-person camping tents!
Our 4-person camping tents include the Dome X series, Circle 6 series, Bromance series, YARN series, HEX series, MANTA series, and more, which are made of weatherproof, crushproof, high-quality fabrics and come with matching inner/semi-inner tents and stove jacks, so you can use them for camping in any weather.

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