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MANTA Tipi Tent With Stove Jack 2-4 Person For Hot Tent Camping

MANTA Tipi Tent With Stove Jack 2-4 Person For Hot Tent Camping

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  • Detail
    • Product Name: MANTA Tipi Tent With Stove Jack 2-4 Person For Hot Tent Camping
    • Item NO.: S1934
    • Weight: 6.9 kg = 15.2119 lb = 243.3903 oz
    • Category: HOT TENTS > All Hot Tents
    • Brand: POMOLY
    • Creation Time: 2020-06-21
    • 【Propped up Door Design】You can prop up the front door and get in or get out of the tent easily. This will make you enjoy this outdoor home better.
    • 【300D Oxford Cloth With Silver Coated Layer】This is our core advantage. More Waterproof, Anti-wear, and tear-resistant. Much warmer and insulated than other teepee tents.
    • 【Breathable Mesh Top Design】 To increase the air permeability in the teepee outdoor tent, we adopt a breathable top mesh plus a removable top cap design. The top cap is packed in a package free of charge and does not require additional purchase.
    • 【Stove Jack Design】You can use a wood stove in the teepee tent. Outdoor cooking is a necessary skill for survival camping. You will definitely enjoy the tasty food made outdoors.
    • 【Tent Skirt Design】Placing rocks or soil on it can make the teepee tent more stable. The design with a snow skirt is definitely much more stable than the ordinary teepee tent.
    • Tips: All Pomoly hot tipi tents have a stove jack for free, do not need to purchase separately.

    NOTE: Delivery Time Adjustment Notice

    POMOLY MANTA Hot Tent 2021

    Camping Tipi Tent with Stove Jack

    Improvement of MANTA in 2021:

    1. The fabric is improved on the basis of the silver-coated 300D Oxford, which keeps the original characteristics while making the material softer. The new material has better toughness and improves the tear resistance of the teepee tent.
    2. Use a more rigid aluminum alloy tent pole with a diameter of 28mm to avoid breaking in high winds. (The original one is a 25mm iron tent pole)
    3. The stove jack is changed from non-detachable to detachable, and the material is replaced with a better high-temperature resistant material.
    4. Improved the teepee outdoor tent sewing process and waterproof glue treatment process.

    5. Use lighter and harder aluminum alloy tent pegs.

    For more information, please contact [email protected]

    When we prop up the front door, the name of MANTA came from this. The large front door is like the fins of manta ray, which can protect us from sunlight, rain and snow. The huge internal space is like Manta's big mouth and can accommodate up to 5 people at the same time. MANTA hot tent adopts a shelter design, we can roll up one door or two doors together. The redesigned top mesh skylight and the main body of the tent are combined to maintain internal ventilation and prevent insects from entering. The two crescent-shaped vents at the bottom allow the internal air to flow more quickly. When the stove is used inside, the maximum ventilation rate can be maintained to prevent carbon monoxide from accumulating inside the teepee tent. We have prepared an internal mesh tent for people who do not like small bugs, and it is also very suitable for spending a day in the garden with kids.

    Capacity 2-3 persons with T1 Stove or 3-4 persons
    Stove Jack Heat resisting fabric (upgrade 2021)
    Snow Skirt 6 sides snow skirts
    Doors Two doors or One propped up door (As shown above)
    Tent Fabric 300D Oxford with silver coating layer
    Waterproof 3000MM+ Seaming and Gluing
    Floor Shape Regular Hexagon (Side length: 83 in / 210 cm)
    Floor Dimension 125.7 sq ft / 11.68 sq m
    Peak Height 102.4 inch / 8.53 feet / 260 cm
    Weight with half inner tent 16.3 lb / 7.4 kg
    Weight with mesh inner tent 22.7 lb / 10.3 kg
    Joint Treatment Seaming and Gluing
    Ventilation Top Mesh Vent and 2 Bottom Vent
    Packed Size 24.8 x 24.8 x 5.9 inch
    Color Green, Coffee, White
    Season 4 Season (Especially in winter)

    How to use the stove jack of our teepee tent correctly?

    These tips are helpful to some experienced campers:
    1. Roll up the jack cover and fix it.
    Don't let the jack cover cloth touch the hot pipes. Ordinary tent cloth, such as our 300D oxford cloth, can't stand such a high pipe temperature. So you need to roll up the cover cloth and make sure it's far away from the hot pipe. 
    2. Make sure your pipes is in the center of the stove jack.
    You should try to make the stove pipes in the center of the jack hole by moving the stove position. And don't let the pipe touch any fabric. 
    3. Use branches to separate pipes and tent cloth.
    Some people may find it difficult to keep the stove pipes from touching the tent cloth by moving the stove position. In this case, you can use branches as barriers to separate them. 
    4. Make sure the teepee outdoor tent doesn't shake.
    When you put the pipe in the center of the stove jack, don't be careless. If the tent shakes, it means the hot pipes may touch the tent cloth. To make the stove jack cloth last longer, you should protect it as well as possible.
    The important thing you need to know:
    The jack cloth is fireproof, but the stitched thread has no fire proof function. If you let the tent cloth too close to the hot pipe, it may cause the sewing thread to be burned off, which may cause damage to the tent.


    Regular care of your POMOLY teepee tent will ensure its optimal conditions and longer lifetime. We provide some basic cleaning suggestions for the teepee tent.
    1. Dirt removal - Please use a soft brush to clean the surface of the tent, including a snow skirt, floor mat, and an inner tent.
    2. Detergent - Please use a neutral detergent to clean the tent.
    3. Zippers - Please use soapy water to clean the zipper part.
    4. The tent can't be washed by the washing machine, or the coating and glue pressing of the tent will be damaged.
    5. Please do not use brushes and other hard objects to scrub the tent, otherwise, the waterproof coating on the outside of the tent will be damaged, thus damaging its waterproof performance.
    6. Regularly check the fixing points of the tent. If there is any stitching problem, please mend it in time and use the tent seam sealer for sealing.
    7. Once your tent is fully dry and there are no damp patches at all, you can roll or fold your clean, dry tent up carefully ready for storage. Making sure it’s completely clean and dry before packing your tent away ensure that no nasty mildew builds up while it’s in storage.

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MANTA Tipi Tent With Stove Jack 2-4 Person For Hot Tent Camping
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Customer Reviews



Absolutely love the tent. Not a fan of the small aluminum tent pegs but that is an easy fix. I picked up some heavy duty pegs to replace them.

The tent has way more room than I imagines and cannot wait to get out and enjoy if this fall and winter.
Service:Hi, thanks for your feedback. I will submit your suggestion to our manager. Thanks for your support.


Extremely impressed with the Manta. Set it up for a trial run before a trip up north and it exceeded my expectations. I have camped in many different tents over the years and this was the best experience yet. Highly recommended.
Service:Thanks for your support.


awesome tent have had it out a few times ...great customer service
Service:Hi, thanks for your support.


Well designed, has a touch of quality. Needs bigger stove jack and stove jack port. ( Knico, Alaskan). More my problem than theirs to be fair. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a tent of this style.
I also have the inner half, works well, no complaints about it.
Service:Hi, thanks for your support.


I love the main tent but still haven't got my full order for Pomoly- months later. when I ordered the Manta tent I also ordered the half inner and full mesh full set. till date haven't got the two inner tent so haven't been able to fully test out the tent.
Service:Hello, I have checked it for you, your inner tents have been successfully signed for. Thanks for your support.


Exactly as described and expected, better quality than I thought.


I've used this tent twice in the last 3 months. It's easy to set it up and my girlfriend loves it. And the pegs and guy line seem to be well made too. The center pole is sturdy and has a wider
diameter than I expected. I would highly recommend this tent.

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