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Reviews (11)
  • st****er
    Now have 3 x the stovepipe is very light and very small pack size
    if you have dry resin free firewood available the choice is yours
    But I have changed to the pluggable version which is heavier and significantly more pack size but this is due to the fact that here in Brandenburg / Berlin at the bivouac almost only pine etc. is available as dead wood Taking wood with you by bike is not an option
  • Ed****on
    Perfect, handling of my order that was out of stock. Actually arrived faster than I expected and in a great small package with all the rings.
  • Br****el
    Excellent quality titanium stove pipe. I purchased the 2m(6ft) and 3m(9ft) versions. For those having trouble rolling it successfully the first time, here's a trick that may work for you. I used a 2 1/2 inch ABS pipe from the local hardware store and cut it down to 6 ft. To roll the 3m (9ft) pipe, ensure the ABS is on a slight angle sticking out from pipe at the far end. It rolled up beautifully and I was able to handle it on my own. I also performed a dual burn-in allowing both ends to be exposed to the heat of the stove (after 1st burn-in and cool down, flip end-for-end and burn in again). This helps when you go to form the chimney during your outings and to ensure that both ends have a memory .
  • P****p
    Nice product. It's real Titanium pipe
  • An****ov
    I didn't expect that the pipe would be of such quality) But I had to buy another one because I ruined the first one when I tried to fold it in the cold and it got covered with snow because of that it got crumpled. second attempt was successful)
  • St****so
    Others must have magic. Unable to get a good seal. 3m? How? Unwieldy and much more difficult than the video shows. The bottom is not a straight line but angled so how can it possibly fit in the damper? Same for the top, the spark arrestor barely fits. One almost gets there but then moving it opens the joints . Good luck.
  • Ni****rf
    Had to buy a replacement because I messed up the old one, just as good as the one that came with the stove, and there is also a new set gloves with it, nice!
  • Wo****ay
    Good quality as described! Very happy with the product
  • Wo****ay
    Good quality as described! Very happy with the product
  • Jo****on
    Great item very pleased , hot tents. Are fantastic high quality thank you.1575
  • Ge****er
    Works great . I used a 10 foot long curtain rod that is about 2.5 inches diameter to help me roll this up to "burn in" the first time and had very good results . I did this by myself and was relieved to not have any dents or krinckles . I think the material is just fine .

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