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Reviews (11)
  • J****g
    I LOVE IT.... in hind sight kicking myself for not getting the scenic view (altay?)
    Anyway. It's beautiful. It works great for weekend adventures. I think it's a great addition to my gear.
  • Ma****er
    Really love this stove! We use a Winnerwell large in the winter. Thing weighs a ton! So nice to walk with my handbag T-Brick!! Enforcements really works!!! Top stay’s flat enough to cook!! I’m still so excited rolling out the sheet and seeing it wants to be a chimney ;). The glass parts are so nice!!!
    Cons: several edges are too sharp. Specially the legs. Deburring wouldn’t hurt. The legs are too short. Destroyed my goat skin I use with the Winnerwell. Burning the wood isn’t efficient enough, not all the wood burn to ash. Tried the grill rack inside to add air beneath butthis bent out totally. Adjusting this with two extra bridges over the length would make it an excelent elaveted burning bottom..

    Suggestion: while I’m using a silicone adapter in the tent which is snug and waterproof, I’d like to have an enlarged slave to have a double wall passage through the tent.
  • B****n
    Hi, I've had my T-Brick for over a month now . Did my 1st, 2nd. , 3rd burn in it alone or with a tarp. Still waiting on my tent . The stove is well made and puts out a nice bit of heat . And compared to my cast iron stove its light as a feather . Very happy with my T-Brick.
  • Ch****es
    I have OCD.
    I scoured the internet, for weeks, often for 24 hrs at a time, carefully read & considered every review & stove I could find. I bought and returned other stoves as I am very, very picky.
    This T-Brick stove is excellent. The best quality on the market..The roll up chimney is not as easy to use as they say, and boy did I moan about it to them.
    However now I've used it a good few times, I've realised I was being a crank.
    After a few burns and storing it, unrolled, it seems to spring in to the desired shape automatically..
  • Ch****es
    T-Brick...Firstly I must mention the excellent customer service..
    The T- Brick is an excellent quality bit of kit, solid, well made, and a excellent value for money...I found the gasifier effect on this stove works well too, despite what other people say.
    The roll up stove pipe is no where near as easy, as they claim, to use though and a bit irritating to be honest although now its been used a few times its getting easier and I very happy with the whole system. Its just a bit fidgety to set up on the first few goes.
    I would highly recommend this stove and this company.
  • V****e
    Great stove, Easy to use.

    Side class broke at first ”real” using at weekend hike. Pomoly kindly send me new window, but shipping always takes some time from china.

    Ability to change side Window from side to other is great. Woodgas burning really works and stove puts out high ammount of heat(maybe little too much) and still uses wood wery efficiently.
  • T****m
    Awesome stove, works 100%. I burned it in when it was -9 out :P I wish I didn't get the 9ft pipe 6ft is all thats needed.
  • Ni****on
    I bought this stove with the extra side shelves. I've used it twice and it's worked a charm both times. Incredible product with super high quality.

    I chose the standard size in the T-Brick family and it's the perfect size for me when both solo camping, and with one more person. The side shelves really helped with drying out gloves and pieces of wood. They also eased the placing of pots and pans after cooking.

    All I have to say is that this is a great product, 10 out of 10!
  • ij****om
    It would be better if there are elbows suitable for titanium stoves.
  • rf****om
    For the coiled stove pipes, novices should check the video.
  • J****e
    Great stove. Not a fan of the double wall side with holes as it allows air in and you can't control it. I requested a 2nd glass side and gained more heat and a way longer burn time. The issue with the side vent is when you close your air vent it just sucks air threw the side holes and burns wood crazy fast. I recommend this stove but only with 2 glass sides and no vented side.

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