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Reviews (11)
  • Ja****ik
    OK I waited a few months to make this review. I have purchased several wood stoves. Nothing has cames close. This stove is supe light looks amazing and can be setup in multiple ways. The stove burns great and has the ability to slow burn for almost 7 hours on semi dry wood. I will totally recommend this stove and will purchase more in the future for other outdoor projects. You are more then welcome to find me on socal media if anyone has questions. Thank you pomoly team for making a badass wood stove. Did I mention I do 70 hour burns and it hasn't bent out of shape at all
  • Jo****ye
    This was my first titanium stove. Love it. Really hot! Kept us warm in sub freezing temps. Easy to set up and take down. Excellent quality.
  • Br****er
    The T-Brick is everything I expected and need. This stove is great piece of gear. So great in fact I am looking at buying a Timberwolf 3 stove for hiking trips. This stove heats up wonderfully, has ample room to cook and with the added accessories it can burn for 4-5 hours. I love this stove.
  • Wo****ay
    This is the best stove I have used.
    Have done some upgrades on the handle for vents and door to be used without gloves.
    I will suggest that Pomolo make a coal grit for the stove. After some while burning the stove stars to burn uneaven and a lot off coal start to collect in the backside of the stove.
    With a coal grit this stove will be optimal👌
  • V****i
    So excellent! I have 5 stove for camping, and I love it best. Very very good!
  • nm****om
    Be sure to clean the stove after it has cooled down! ! !
  • Ri****el
    A well manufactured piece of gear. Will definitely keep my tent warm. With the additional level, it will be useful to load in more wood for longer burn times.

    I will be looking at a different stove pipe configuration as the straight one piece roll is adequate to get the job done, but finicky flimsy to deal with. I would much prefer a sectional pipe with a couple of elbows so I can position the stove better within the tent.
  • qv****om
    It would be better if side panel replacements could be provided.
  • Yo****TV
    when i thought
    I think it is the best among the stoves.
    The reason is as follows.
    1. Very light.
    2. The completeness of the product is very good.
    3. No deformation even with many uses.
    4. The firepower is very good with the two-layer structure.
    5. Due to the nature of titanium, the color after seasoning is very beautiful.
    6. Double combustion panel makes complete combustion.

    It is a product I really recommend.
    You can also check it out on my YouTube channel.
    The channel name is 시우TV
  • E****c
    I really like the unique design of this T-Brick titanium stove better than the rest. I personally leave the lower door closed and lower chamber collects a great coal base with out coals falling out of the stove. I add wood through the upper door. I am so happy with this stove I bought a second Pomoly stove, the T-1 Mini for solo backpacking. Pomoly!, Keep up the awesome job with design, manufacturing and great customer. service! You now have a customer for life! P.S. a special thanks to Jeremy 902 for exposing me to the products and Elaine Lin for her excellent customer service!
  • ke****om
    Another fine stove Pomoly! I'm saving for the T-BRICK MAX.

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