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  • Ke****ek
    Solid sections add a lot of versatility and longevity over just a roll-up version. Roll-up is fine, but hard to clean the spark arrestor. Sectioned pipe is very easy to clean from outside the tent. Just slide the pipes apart and clean.
    Sectioned solid stove pipe would be very easy to make a wire-mesh (bunny cage hardware cloth) spark arrestor.
    Next outing I will add holes to the spark artestor and have a wire-mesh alternative.
    Still a solid '5-stars'.
  • Br****le
    The roll pipe that came with my traveller stove worked for how it was intended. But when I saw they had a sectioned titanium pipe for my stove, I couldn’t get myself to keep using the roll-up version. The new sectioned pipe is so much easier to set up, way sturdier, and I can rotate the middle sections to allow the stove to burn off any creosote build up.
  • T****s
    The stove cam e with the roll up style chimney, I ordered this as I did not really care for the roll up style, a bit difficult to handle. These pre made pipe are awesome, so much easier to handle. Since I won't really take the stove hiking the extra bulk is no big deal for me. THese are trick and work as they should.
  • An****ov
    the pipes are great, everything arrived on time and well packaged. I am sure that I will buy something from Pomoly again and again, thank you)
  • Pi****on
    I don't mind the rolled stove pipe but I wanted a more rigid one. This also accommodates my Hex Plus and Stovehit 70 2.0. I chose this pipe to compliment my T-Brick Altay Winter Stove. It did not disappoint and fit nicely and snugly on the stove damper extension on top of the stove. The bottom pipe also adapts to the previous size pipe from Pomoly due to its stepped design. The only possible issue I would have in regards to this is possible creosote running down the pipe onto the stove. The pipe is very strong with very little flex. With the guylines attached, it is rock solid. But obviously, this pipe will be a little more work when it comes to cleaning. I purchased a 2.5-inch pipe brush from Winnerwell to clean it as Pomoly does not currently sell one. But you do make some sacrifices when it comes to weight and packability. There is also the added cost of this pipe as it's quite expensive. Shipping and duty inflate it even further when it comes to Canada. Check out my YouTube Channel BlueSea Bushcraft & Outdoors for my review on this pipe Overall I am very satisfied with this product and if you are a diehard in regards to hot tent camping I would not hesitate on purchasing. Happy camping.
  • Ma****ms
    This titanium stove pipe set is beyond fabulous! Much heavier thickness of pipe wall than I was expecting, should last a very long time. This set up will be much more wind resistant than the roll up pipe set up with the expense of weight and bulk, best to have both set ups. My set came damage free but my only suggestion would be to upgrade the packing on these sets. Very happy, nice compliment to my T1 Perspective stove and very quick shipping.
  • Ni****öm
    I have this but I had to order to my friend this after he was so impressed of the product!
  • Ni****öm
    Great! Again fast delivery and the product are epic. There could a marking to the bottom section pipe to describe that the pipe comes down. This isnt a big deal becaus you can try wich fits to the bottom. Three cords and a carry bag came with the pipes!
  • E****n
    I bought a T brick ultra stove awhile back and as I was trying to very carefully roll up the included stove pipe, I wished I had bought the sectioned titanium stove pipe. So that's what I did. It's much easier to deal with. Yes it takes up more room, but not having to hassle with rolling up a sheet of very thin titanium is so worth the extra room and expense. I don't regret buying it at all. This setup will last me the rest of my life. I just wish my stove hadn't arrived with a broken glass viewing window. That's next to be replaced.
  • Ch****an
    Can't wait to burn in tonight, thank you pomoly :)
  • Ch****an
    Can't wait to burn in tonight, thank you pomoly :)
  • B****n
    I bought the 6ft set with the elbows for my T1 Flame. These stove pipe sections are brilliant. They work extremely well with a very fast and easy set up. The only con would be the extra bulk you have to deal with. You also need an internal pipe brush as with any stove pipes. I like them so much I bought a second set with the damper for a different titanium stove. It's a great option for any titanium stove enthusiast. Cheers
  • Cr****on
    I bought this at the start of January and have yet to receive it. Hermes are hopeless! They left the parcel in an unsafe place and left no notice that it was there. I have hope that pomoly themselves are gonna come through with this. Time will tell. Its a shame really because i love my stovehut and timberwolf stove and it's not pomolys fault but it does put a dampener on the whole situation.
  • H****n
    Very light and affordable stove pipe!!
  • Ne****nd
    So far I really like this way better that the rolling pipe. Very light weight and feels way more sturdy. Nice work on this product,
  • Da****re
    traveller stove rules, my buddy Zach Fisk liked so much , he bought the same,great products,love all the videos by that lone wolf guy too.
  • C****o
    The solid pipes are good, they are very light and much better than the rolling pipe. I would highly recommend to buy these instead of the rolling pipe.
  • Mi****on
    Can't believe how light these are. Fantastic. You have produced another top notch piece of kit.
  • be****79
    It took a long time to deliver, but I'm satisfied. I wish the delivery would be fast. You have to wait an average of 1 month to get it delivered.
  • Ba****rt
    Sehr gut. Aber ich hatte die Idee schon früher und habe mir deshalb vorher schwere Edelstahlschornsteine gekauft die viel zu schwer waren und die ich jetzt wegschmeißen kann.
    Außerdem sollte der verstellbare Kaminregulierer mit mehr Schweißpunkten ausgestattet sein, da bei Bruch fast kein Schlosser Titanschweißen beherrscht. Außerdem sollten mindestens ein Satz Reserveschrauben mitgeliefert werden, weil 1 mal verliert man sie sicher.

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