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  • ba****ok
    this is literally my favorite tent ever it is just perfect
  • h****2
    언제 입고 됩니까?
  • Z****o
    Rewelacja. Używam przy spływach kajakiem w zimie i w lecie. Pozwala spędzić noc w komfortowych warunkach i wysuszyć sprzęt. Optymalna wielkość. Dobre wykonanie
  • Wi****es
    Another awesome hot tent! I love the versatility of this tent, its extremely adaptable to any situation.
  • Je****ye
    Great tent! My only complaint is the ground sheet. The opening for the stove is a litte large and the attachment hooks on the ground sheet don't work very well.

    My favourite aspect of the tent is the ability to set up without any poles. I just tied it off to 2 trees and used snow anchors. Looking forward to getting out with it again!
  • L****o
    Good for the price. Condensation is amazing😁
  • ma****an
    I am mostly happy with the tent. Its quick and easy to pitch and dealt with high winds admirably.
    The groundsheet is something I don't like, the gap for the stove is too large in my opinion. I have purchased a groundsheet and will mod it with a fold out zipped panel.
    A second hanging loop for a lantern would be good and velcro at the ends of the vent panel should be included.
    All in all a good sized one man tent.
  • Le****ry
    I love this little hot tent. Very nice and cozy for my solo trips.
  • Jo****li
    I am so long, very pleased with this tent, but only used it once. I think there are some small changes that would given the fifth star.

    -Light loop to hang up a tent lantern on both ends of the ridge roof. Not just one side.
    -Two way zippers would make it possible to ventilate out condensation through the upper inches, while still have the zippers partly closed.
    -Velcro in the corners of the vent flap, to close it even more.

    But all in all a great one person hot tent with a traditionally breeze in design.
  • Ar****ri
    Tenda ottima... leggera da trasportare e facile il montaggio... Facendo percorsi di trekking di più giorni ( vivo nella Foresta Nera, l'inverno è abbastanza rigido.) È l'ideale...c stiamo comodi io,il mio cagnolone da 40 kl 🤗 e la stufa a massimo.... personalmente la consiglio
  • ur****om
    I've been using it for more than a month and have used it on many camping trips in different locations. It held up well in the rain on the mountain and provided shade on the plain in the heat.
  • bt****om
    It can actually be put back in the bag when you put it away. would recommend.

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