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  • Na****on
    Recently bought this tent and set it up for the 1st time in our yard to get use to setting it up before taking it to my son's Scout Camp. This tent was bought with the idea of using it primarily during spring / summer / fall and without a stove. The only time we may use it during late fall / winter is if we are going on a hunting expedition and this would be base camp with a stove in it.

    We bought it with the inner tents to help keep the bugs at bay while we sleep. The inner tents are full tents with screen doors and not a bug net as shown in the pictures. This will be nice for those colder nights without a stove since it will hold more heat in a smaller space. I just wished they gave you the option between the two styles of inner tents or provided another screen vent near the top of the inner tent to allow heat to escape.

    With the stove jack sewn into the tent it makes it more difficult to use them as vents. I am debating on cutting one of the stove jakes out and sewing up a screen to replace it. This would allow for more heat to escape during the hot summer months.

    It was also windy out and when trying to zip up one of the main doors the zipper pull broke. I also noticed some strings hanging from inside the one inner tent I set up. I will just have to make sure to cut it and hope it doesn't unravel.

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