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Reviews (3)
  • Fr****th
    Had my Traveller 3 out on four occasions now, the longest burn for 6 hours. The stove is as good as it was out the box, the damper and door vent work great in controlling the burn. I opted
    for the rolling pipe which is fine after first roll and burn. Going to buy the non rolling pipe next. The Traveller 3 is a great addition to my Leo 2 tent.
  • Dw****nk
    I bought the traveller 3 stove and have used it several times. I love it. It's a great tent stove and easy to cook on. I like the easy assembly and disassembly. The 3 glass sides lights the inside of the tent. Very nice Great stove
  • P****l
    Bought for use in my winter hot tent. I like this and is very cool, it fits my tent perfectly. It's wonderful and even cooks great. I love it.

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