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  • Wa****uk
    Very nice
  • G****s
    The tent looks great and accommodates well 1-2p, you can use the side space to store your stuff if you don't want to set up a stove. The awning is the best part, specially for those rainy days. I recommend the tent if that's what you are looking for and it is indeed very versatile. The size and weight is alright if you're not going full ultralight. The downside is that it takes a long time to set it up correctly and fine adjust all the many (many) guy lines (aka trip wires), so it won't be saggy. Be careful at night no to trip over them. This is the biggest trade-off you have evaluate. There are no included instructions so recommend checking their Youtube video on how to set it up at least a few times, since there are many details to pay attention to. If your tent looks saggy, focus on getting those side-flaps more stretched and the extra guy lines at the chimney hole and at the side door.
  • An****t!
    I've used this tent three times now, and it's worked great each time! Plenty of room inside for one person with a low profile cot. My last trip I camped about 50 yards off of Lake Superior in Michigan's UP and we even saw some snow. My small wood stove kept it toasty warm inside! Lots of room in the dog house for the stove, wood, and cooking. Make sure you take the time to stake everything thing down and adjust it, and you'll be a happy dry camper! When the wind shifted in the middle of the night, I just adjusted the vents. Tons of options for venting.
  • T****s
    I have used this three times since i bought it. The hot tent is strong and with a nice size to it. I would say that it is also very light and will fit in a back pack with no problem with spare. I am very happy with this hot tent.

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