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Reviews (15)
  • M****s
    Works well! Thank you Pomoly!
  • A****i
    great oven) thank you friends!)
  • Ni****öm
    I have this but I had to order to my friend this after he was so impressed of the product!
  • Ni****öm
    Shipping was so fast. I think it was maybe 4 days of order to arrive here to finland. I have now tried the product the hole weekend and it was just perfect. The plate version of the shimney are hard to clean and assemble, but it is light and easy to carry. I might buy the tube shimney
  • Bo****er
    Very good quality. The walls are nice and thick (1mm), which means that the stove does not burn through despite prolonged firing and the walls remain sturdily straight.
  • we****om
    It's portable and easy to set up. Glass helps you observe the flame.
  • qa****om
    The Coiled stove pipe is not recommended for use in high winds.
  • To****és
    I am very happy with their awesome products. Had an issue with my tent, support reacted within 12 hours and sent a full replacement. Excellent support!
  • Ch****an
    Really enjoying the stove, I paired this will a Manta Hot Tent. I burned roughly 4 times and my only issue is that one of the long sides is difficult to lift up. It still functions just doesn't move freely.
  • Va****re
    Never an answer from , very bad after sale services.
    Service:Hello, we have checked your communication records with Selina and she replied to your messages within 24 hours. Please check your spam folder. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • B****k
    Great stove.Just did the burn in and can’t wait to use it this winter!
    Service:Hello, thanks for your support.
  • Th****ga
    The stove arrived quickly and was packaged very well. The stove is constructed well and seems sturdy. It is easy and fast to assemble. I am really happy with this purchase!
    Service:Hello, It's our pleasure that you like our products. Thanks for your support.
  • ou****st
    This is an awesome stove. Very sturdy construction and very sturdy material, I love it. The stove pipe is a little bit tricky to assemble the first time, but after the first burn it is super easy to reassemble. I am very happy with my stove.
  • J****e
    Solid stove so far. Thicker titanium than other stoves on the market make this feel really sturdy despite being relatively packable. Some warping occurred after first burn but it still assembles perfectly and you can't tell once its together. Thanks to Pomoly the importation fees were lower than I expected shipping to Canada. Lost my spark arrestor recently, and without it I burned two holes in my tent despite several feet of chimney clearance for watch out for that.
  • Ge****er
    I like it . It seems very sturdy . Impressive .

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