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Pomoly designs and manufactures hot tents to the top workmanship standard; offering pyramid, pentagon, hexagon and different sizes with practical feature. Our hot tent are for deep camping, wilderness and hunting. What sets our tipi tent apart from the rest, is the ability to resist at least 9 levels of wind (The limit test of HEX plus). On rainy and snowy days in the wild, you can get a comfortable and warm shelter in the winter.

It is worth mentioning that all Pomoly teepee tents are made of 300D Oxford with silver coating layer. It’s a durable and wear-resistant material, which can resist falling twigs and small stones without being easily damaged. The inner silver coating is also its biggest highlight. You can stay cozily in tent with the silver coating for shade in the hot weather and to reflect heat back in the cold. In the middle of the cold night, even if the wood stove goes out, the internal insulation material can keep the temperature inside the hot tent for a long time, and reduce the heat loss, so that you are not troubled by the cold. We all know it's unbearable to be awakened by the cold. High quality sleep guarantees the energy to continue exploring the next day.

For HEX and HEX plus tent, we offer half inner tent and mesh inner tent with waterproof bathtub floors that give you extra protection. Using a half inner tent, you can lie in the half inne tent  and add firewood to your stove. All of our teepee tents provide much space inside. Our shelters will sleep someone over 7 feet tall with you tent wood stove comfortably. 

We offer high quality tipi tent and exclusive individual service. USA In-stock tents usually ship 1-2 business day. We will ship directly from the factory for products that are not in stock in the United States and customized products. For details, please contact us by email.

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Bushcraft Tent

HEX Solo Hot Tent

1-2 Person Tents

HEX Solo Hot Tent

PEN Camping Teepee Hot Tent

2-4 Person Tents

PEN Camping Teepee Hot Tent 

HEX Camping Tipi Hot Tent

HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent

Canvas Teepee tent 

More than 4-Person

HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent

Canvas Teepee tent 


PEN HOT TENT (1 person with wood stove)
PEN hot tent doesn't have the inner tent. Since the tent stove will take up one fifth of the space, this hot tent is the most suitable for single camping. It is also suitable for camping with your puppy. There is also extra space for food, backpacks and other carry-on items. The stove jack (diameter 6.1'') can match most of the tent stove pipes. The heat-resisting material of the stove jack can prevent the tent from being burned by the stovepipe (REFER TO OUR INSTRUCTIONS). 

HEX SOLO TIPI TENT (1-1.5 persons with stove)

This is the smallest hot teepee tent in our POMOLY HEX series. It is also the best hot tent for outdoor bushcraft. You can put it in your big backpack, but you need to use a piece of wood as a support pole . If you are keen on solo camping and are often in a cold environment, it is your best choice.

HEX TEEPEE TENT (Maximum 2 persons with stove)

This tent with stove jack has the best comprehensive performance. It combines all the advantages of teepee series. Its material is exactly the same as PEN shelter, and it has the function of heat preservation and UV isolation. In addition, the HEX hot tent is equipped with half inner tent and mesh inner tent, which can be installed and removed at any time.

HEX PLUS TIPI TENT (Maximum 3 persons with stove)
The largest tipi tent of Pomoly at present. It also has all the advantages of PEN shelter and HEX shelter, durable material, strong performance, excellent heat preservation and insulation. If you need a large tent or you prefer car camping, it might be right for you. It provides convenient 4 doors to enter and exit the shelter, and it is also the preferred hot tent for group camping.

CANVAS TEEPEE TENT WITH STOVE JACK (Maximum 3 persons with stove)

It has the same size as HEX plus hot tent. We all know that many people love canvas teepee tent. To keep up with that demand, we added a canvas tipi tent with classical stove jack. It is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, which not only maintains the breathability of the canvas tipi, but also improves the toughness and tear resistance of the hot tent, we also improves the waterproof performance of this HEX canvas teepee tent.