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Home>Hot Tents>HUSSAR Series>HUSSAR>HUSSAR Ultralight Hot Tent | 1-2 Person Tipi Tent with Wood Stove Jack for Winter Camping
HUSSAR Ultralight Hot Tent | 1-2 Person Tipi Tent with Wood Stove Jack for Winter Camping

HUSSAR Ultralight Hot Tent | 1-2 Person Tipi Tent with Wood Stove Jack for Winter Camping

US$ 175.00
Iron cyan
Half Inner Tent
Center pole

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HUSSAR Ultralight Hot Tent | 1-2 Person Tipi Tent with Wood Stove Jack for Winter Camping
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Customer Reviews



Klasse Zelt für 1 Person mit Ofen
Sylvester damit beim Biwak gewesen
Leicht schnell aufzubauen


Wow, the perfect weight, very Ultralight, I was looking for a tent like this, love my hussar hot tent. Thanks to Pomoly for making this tent.


A piece of art ,easy to set perfect weight
Im in love


I am really impressed with this product for summer and spring camping, I would prefer thickness of the other tents for winter and then silver lining. This tent comes with an excellent inner tent which against the Scottish midgie is ideal.


I am in love with this tent it is the best tent i have and it is light and small. very warm. i took it on a camp out with my friends and they have there tents and they all come in mine. the downside is that it does not have a pocket in the mosquito netting. that is the only thing that is does not have but overall great product.


I'm in the process of deciding on equipment for winter camping/hiking. There is a possibility i'll purchase a store, but what good is it if the wind is blowing in? I've looked at a great many of your tents and see that the walls end six inches above the ground, ensuring i will be fighting breezes and snow drifts while i try to sleep. Why are there no floors in the five styles i've looked at? One seemed to have a few inches of floor creeping in from the wall, but i'd still be at the mercy of whoever wanted to stick their nose in my house (i ran into a surprised skunk that way one time, and i'm so glad he was in as much of a hurry as i was).


Ciao, volevo chiedere se la tenda era stata spedita.


Great tent. I've used it several times now and actually prefer it over my 500$ tent. Loads of space. Took awhile to get the pitch perfect but we'll worth it. Only upgrade I'd suggest is the inner needs some support to open up the bath tub and tighten the mesh.


very good material easy to assemble thank you


Love the fact that I can have a 4-season tent with such low weight. Yes, it is a smaller tent, but I'm still impressed with the amount of space inside of the tent.

Why am I not giving this a 5 star review?
Here's a few things that would make the tent a 5/5:
- The inner tent hangs down and it could get in your face if your sleeping mat is to high.
This could be solved with perhaps some smaller hook points for the inner to attach to the othertent.

- There's no extra ground sheet as on option for this tent.
I've bought a third-party ground sheet that I will cut to fit for this tent. A ground sheet realy helps with blocking out moisture and condensation. It also prolongs the lifespan of the inner tents floor.

Otherwise, an absolutely great tent that I'm happily going to use plenty of more times. The matter of fact that it's a light weight, 4-season tent for a great price just makes it even more awesome.


Overall, for the price, I am impressed and will use it again and buy again.


Used this tent a half dozen times now and love the weight and size but not so crazy about the half inner tent it drops to much but it's ok. Wish Pomoly would make floors for there tents for winter camping so you don't get wet or muddy from the stove melting the snow or ground. If it had a floor i would give it a 5 star.


Not used in anger as yet but once again Pomoly have exceeded my expectations. Beautifully made and fast delivery. Can't wait to gat out in the mountains with this brilliant little tent.


If you're on a fixed budget or looking for a good starter tent, you won't be able to beat this one.


This is a great tent from pomoly. I have only one complaint. I wish the buckle that holds up the half inner tent was a little bit higher quality, the one used is extremely weak and I (twice so far) have simply tugged on the mesh of the inner tent just a little too hard (not very hard) and the inner tent fell down. Switching the buckle is a simple fix for pomoly and this will be an even better tent. If pomoly uses the same buckles on their other tents I would suggest using better ones on them as well.
Service:Hi Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. We will improve the quality of buckle in future production. If there is a problem with your inner tent, you can contact our customer service, and we will provide you with a new one. Thnaks a lot


just used this tent for a 4 day exercise, unbelievable tent for the price. Had heavy rain, strong wind and hot days. It held up to everything, plus plenty of room for one man and all my kit. Plus the build quality for the price is very good I would definitely pay £200 plus and still be happy.
Service:Hi, thanks for your support.


Easy to pitch , had this out in high coastal winds and no problem, inner mesh really keeps flies out and quality is brilliant, everything fits easily in supplied bag , very happy with this tipi it stood up to weather well and i slept easy 2nd night , pitch this tent right and its amazing .


I love everything about this tent. Feels well made, easy to set up and looks great.


This was exactly what we wanted! Definitely good value for the money.


The tent arrived quickly.
-It is lightweight. Very lightweight.
-The tent is easy to set up.
-It has two doors.
Have used a few times and quality / construction is better than what I expected given the cost.

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