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How to use the camping wood stove correctly in the tent with stove jack?

May 23, 2020

Compared with ordinary tents, the special feature of hot tents is that it has a stove jack, which allows campers to cook directly in the hot tent using a camping wood stove. When we are camping in hot tents, how to set up camping wood stoves correctly? Let me give you five suggestions.

1. Check the stability of the hot tent and wood stove carefully. After setting up the tent with stove jack, we should first check whether the poles and ground nails are firmly erected to prevent the camping teepee tent from shaking and causing the camping wood stove to fall over. After checking the stability of the hot tent, we also need to make sure that the wood stove is placed stable, and check whether the stovepipe is shaking.

2. Place the hot tent stove pipe in the middle of the stove jack, and do not touch the cloth. When placing the wood stove. If the tent directly contacts with the high-temperature tent stove pipe, it may cause the sewing thread of the stove jack to break.

3. Ventilation. The camping tent stove uses firewood as fuel, when the firewood is burning, it will produce carbon monoxide. Campers must open the window of camping teepee tent for ventilation and carry a carbon monoxide detector when cooking, to prevent the danger of excessive carbon monoxide concentration in the hot tents.

4. Make sure the stove door is opposite the tent with stove door. When setting up a wood-burning stove, the camper can point the door of the wood stove to the door of the hot tent, which allows the camper to get more operating space. In addition, the hot tent with stove jack with stove jack adopts a double door design, and the air circulation is better. Placing the tent wood stove like this will help to burn firewood.

5. Prepare enough firewood. We'd better prepare more firewood before using the tent with stove stove to make camping meals, so as to avoid that the food is not cooked well. When cooking, firewood and tent stove must be kept at a certain distance during cooking to avoid the fire sparks igniting the wood wool and dead leaves we have collected.

Campers should learn the correct way to use the camping wood stove in the winter hot tent with stove jack in advance and enjoy the camping under safe conditions. The above are five suggestions for the use of tent wood stove, Hope it can help you.


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