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Notice on update of tent stakes

Oct 24, 2021

After receiving feedback from customers, we found that some customers had questions about the update of tent stakes. Now we will answer these questions for you.

1. Why is the tent stake I received not the one shown in the LoneWolf 902 videos?
In early 2021, we upgraded the tent stakes. Therefore, the camping videos of LoneWolf 902 and other influencers before this time may use the old version stakes. Of course, some influencers may use their favorite stakes to replace the pegs in our tent package.

2. Why did we change from iron stakes to aluminum alloy stakes?
After studying a variety of advanced camping equipment, we found that more campers choose to use aluminum alloy stakes. This is because the aluminum alloy stakes has the following advantages:
1. Aviation grade 7075 aluminum alloy material is harder and stronger than iron stakes.
2. The Design adopts triangular prism shape, increasing the resistance to transverse fracture.
3. Its structure increases more soil contact area and improves the stability of stakes.
4. There is a barb at the tail of the ground stake, which can fix the tent knot stably.
5. Aluminum alloy materials will not rust and can be used for a longer time.
6. Lighter weight and easy to carry.

In contrast, the iron stakes has the following disadvantages in the camping experiment:
1. There are often cases of breaking and bending, resulting in the replacement of the stakes.
2. As stakes are often inserted into wet soil, iron materials will rust, which will affect the service life of them. Especially when washing stakes with water, it will increase the risk of rust.
3. The iron ground stakes is slender cylindrical. This shape tends to rotate, resulting in unstable knots in the tent.
In conclusion, we choose aluminum alloy stakes for our new tent packages.

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