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Why choose POMOLY?

Oct 21, 2021

If you are comparing which hot tent and tent stove brand you should buy if you don't know why you should choose Pomoly, I will introduce to you the following reasons/advantages why we recommend you the Pomoly brand.

Professional pre-sales and after-sales support team
We have a professional customer service team. If you have any questions before purchasing pomoly products, or you encounter any problems after receiving our products, you can contact our customer service via Compared with other websites without a responsible service team, you need to wait a few days or weeks to receive an email reply, sometimes even you can't receive any replies from the seller. In contrast, our team will provide you with timely help and solve problems for you.

Return/Exchange products and full refund service
We provide customers with a 30-day return and exchange service. Besides, you can also get a full refund if you don't like the product you received. If you are not satisfied with our products or want to exchange them after receiving the tents or stoves, you can contact our customer service for help. They will guide and help you return, exchange and refund. Other websites may not provide customers with these basic services, which is very unfriendly for the customer experience.

Unique Hot Tents and Tent Stoves

Pomoly has two main product lines. One is the hot tent. At present, only our hot tent's top cap on the market can be opened and removed. Although this design increases the complexity and production time of the product, the removable top cap is much necessary for heat dissipation and air exchange inside the tent. Another product line is the Pomoly camping wood stove. At present, our titanium firewood stove is at the top of the world in product quality and safety design. Pomoly titanium wood stove has better deformation resistance and better combustion efficiency. We have tested other hot tents and firewood stoves on the market. Due to the lack of a removable top cap, the heat in the hot tent is not easy to dissipate, so they are not suitable for use in spring and autumn. They can only be used in winter, which is a problem that must be considered for explorers who like camping in four seasons.

Advantageous product material selection
Our hot tent mainly adopts three kinds of fabrics. One is 300D Oxford cloth, which is strong and durable, tear-resistant, and friction-resistant. It is suitable for customers who want to use it for a long time. The second is TC cotton cloth, which is soft and comfortable, has good air permeability, is not easy to condense, strong, and durable. It is suitable for customers who pursue higher camping quality. Also, it has good durability. The third is 40d silicone nylon cloth, which is specially selected for hiking camping enthusiasts. It is light in weight, waterproof, and easy to carry after storage. It is suitable for customers who like hiking camping or for those who don't like to carry heavy gear. Our firewood stove mainly adopts two materials. One is titanium. Most of our stoves are made of titanium. This material is rust-free, lightweight, strong, and durable. It is suitable for customers who pursue high-quality camping and used stoves for a long time. Besides, most of our titanium stoves are foldable, which means you can carry them easily to your campsites. The second is stainless steel, which is not easy to deform, has high durability, long service life, and a lower price than titanium. It is suitable for customers with a limited budget and who want to use the stove for a long time.

Careful pursuit of testing and improving products
Making excellent products is a pursuit of meticulousness. Pomoly always has a high pursuit of product testing and improvement. We often go outdoors to test our wood stoves and hot tents. If we find details that need to be improved, we will make a new sample and conduct an outdoor test again. We think this is a responsible attitude towards brand products. Some brands are only willing to launch new products to make money, rather than continuously improve a product. This seems to be a disrespectful attitude towards campers who bought their products.

Team with the most knowledge and experience of hot tent camping
We are pioneers of hot tent camping. We have been testing and researching the two product series of hot tents and firewood stoves. We have the most knowledge of these tents and stoves, as well as the experience of all kinds of hot tent camping. If you have some problems with this new camping life, we can provide you with some valuable reference suggestions based on our customers' real trips. This knowledge and experience are not available to the making-money teams.

We have the Community with the hottest tent campers
We are exploring the hot tent camping segment of the camping market. To this end, we built a large Facebook group for the hot tent campers. These members and campers from all over the world share their camping equipment and experience here. Some customers are proud to share their product photos when using our hot tents and wood stoves. Besides, you can seek product recommendations, campsite recommendations, etc. in this group. These camping enthusiasts will provide more valuable suggestions for your hot tent camping.

Attitude towards open product fabrics and detailed parameters
We have disclosed a lot of product information, such as product materials, product dimensions, design details, etc. We believe that this information is helpful to help customers analyze products and select products. This is a friendly sales method for customers, which can greatly improve your shopping experience. Some brands only list the basic information of products on the website. As for other information, you need to find it on the Internet. The saddest thing is that some information can't be found on the Internet at all after a long time of research. This is a disaster for the customer's shopping experience.

Brand protection and patent protection
We have the trademark and product patent of Pomoly. They are very effective brand protection for us. Under this protection, we can develop more products and provide camping enthusiasts with better camping equipment. For sellers without brand trademarks or patents, may go bankrupt at any time. As a result, they can not provide long-term after-sales service and guarantee for buyers. Some sellers can't even provide after-sales return and refund services for buyers. 

That's why you should choose Pomoly. These advantages are actually our meticulous pursuit of products, our service attitude towards customers, and our sense of responsibility for the Pomoly brand. Thank you for your support. We are researching and testing more excellent products. Subscribe to us to get our latest newsletters.

Welcome to Pomoly! Adventure, Never Ending!

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