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Home>TENT STOVES>T1 Series 2021>T1 PERSPECTIVE>POMOLY T1 PERSPECTIVE Stove | Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent | 2021 New Version
POMOLY T1 PERSPECTIVE Stove | Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent | 2021 New Version

POMOLY T1 PERSPECTIVE Stove | Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent | 2021 New Version

US$ 505.00
1(3) Stove Pipe
6.56ft / 2m 9.84ft / 3m
2(3) Titanium Side Shelves
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3(3) Titanium Cooking Grate
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  • Detail
    • 【1mm Thickness GR1 Titanium】Precision-crafted in GR1 Titanium that will never rust or corrode, ideal for as a heat source for a hot tent or cooking meals in the wilderness.
    • 【Glass Window】Two sides glass viewing window creates a pleasing atmosphere.
    • 【Stove Body Reinforcement】Prevent deformation and flatten the top to heat the bottom of the pot evenly.
    • 【Collapsible Legs】Connective legs provide a stable base for the stove.
    • 【Use with Hot Tent】The internal silver-coating of our hot tent can reduce the loss of heat, we all know it's unbearable to be awakened by the cold.
    • 【Better Heat Transference】Normally you can drink hot coffee within 10 minutes and it can increase the temperature inside the tent in a short time.
    • 【Extra Stove BBQ grill】Widely used to all kinds of grill meat and vegetables.
    • This tent wood burning stove is a great choice for outdoor explorers.
    • The Cut-proof gloves are to prevent scratches when rolling up the titanium stovepipe.

    NOTE: Delivery Time Adjustment Notice



    Tent Wood Burning Stove

    Estimated Time For Package preparation: 15-30 days, Free Shipping!

    What kind of tent wood stove are you looking for?

    Stainless Steel, Look awesome, High quality, Durable, Lightweight, Backpacking, Portable, Cooking, Long-term use, Efficient Heat Conduction?

    ALL of these features are its highlights, the POMOLY T1 Stove Perspective is the wood burning stove for wilderness backpacking, camping, hunting and Jungle Adventure. With its materials-Titanium, viewing glass windows, the POMOLY T1 Stove Perspective is distinctive in the world of tent wood stoves.


    WHY T1 ? - Material - 1mm Thickness Titanium - Unique in the world - Deform Resistance

    POMOLY Perspective Stove is made from 1mm thickness TA1/GR1 titanium, it’s portable and lightweight at just 7.1 pounds. Compared with other materials, titanium stove has better thermal conductivity. Ideal for as a heat source for a hot tent or cooking meals in the wilderness.


    GR1 Titanium lends 10 distinct advantages:

    1.Titanium is a harmless metal.

    2.Titanium is the most human friendly metal. Titanium is a non-magnetic metal and will not be magnetized.

    3.Titanium will not pollute our earth and air environment.

    4.Titanium containers can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Harmful bacteria will die quickly in titanium environment. Only titanium products can do this.

    5.Titanium metal products weigh less than other metal products.

    6.Titanium reacts with oxygen to form a layer of titanium dioxide(TiO), which protects titanium from corrosion.

    7.The melting point of titanium is 1668 , so titanium products are not easy to deform at high temperature.

    8.Touch titanium products in low temperature environment will not have cold feeling, titanium has the name of warm metal.

    9.Titanium has high tensile strength and metal memory.

    10.Titanium has better thermal conductivity, and the heat will be transferred to the pot quickly.

    POMOLY T1 Stove and HEX Hot Tent

    Alone in the wilderness (campfire cooking) hot tent camping

    Youtube Channel: Lonewolf902


    Normally you can drink hot coffee within 10 minutes and it can increase the temperature inside the tent in a short time. The internal silver-coating of the POMOLY hot tent can reduce the loss of heat, we all know it's unbearable to be awakened by the cold. High quality sleep guarantees the energy to continue exploring the next day. For cold areas, this is undoubtedly the best partner.

    POMOLY T1 Stove 


    Produce high quality titanium wood stoves for camping and cooking.

    We hope that high-quality tent wood burning stove will be accepted by most camping enthusiasts. 

    Improves fatigue resistance of metal

    Corrosion and rust resistance, Better Plasticity and Toughness. (Compare the GR2)

    Observe the burning situation

    Over 3000°F / 1678℃

    Length: 9.5in Roll up, 6.56ft(2m) / 9.84ft(3m) Unfold

    Suitable for other Titanium pipes

    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    Control wood burning rate

    Prevent smoke and leakage

    Suitable for backpacking

    Enhance the rigidity of the stove to decrease deformation

    Move the head cover, burn chamber can be used as a camping firepit

    Stove Type Camping Wood Stove
    Carrying Weight 8.6 lb / 3.9 kg
    Folding Dimension 14.9 x 8.7 x 3.5 in (38 x 22 x 9 cm)
    Stove Body Dimension 14.9 x 8.7 x 7.1 in (38 x 22 x 18 cm)
    Assembly Dimension 14.9 x 8.7 x 11.6 in (38 x 22 x 29.5 cm)
    Side Glass Size 3.9 x 11.8 in (30 x 10 cm)
    Pipe Length (roll into) 9.5 in / 24 cm
    Pipe Length 6.56ft / 2m or 9.84ft / 3m
    Pipe Diameter 2.4 in / 6 cm
    Weight 8.6 lb / 3.9 kg
    Material 1mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)
    Spark Arrestor Yes
    Firebox Volume 15L

    T1 stove


    T1 Stove

    Titanium Chimney

    Chimney rings

    New Stove Bag

    Smoke Damper

    New Spark Arrestor

    Cut Resistant Gloves

    The Best way to roll up titanium chimney:

    More Details

    Integrated Damper
    Adjust the air flow exiting the stove
    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    T1 stove

    Top Reinforcement
    Decrease deformation
    Flatten the top to heat the bottom of the pot evenly

    Bottom Reinforcement
    Enhance the rigidity of the stove body 

    Collapsible Legs
    Connective legs provide a stable base for the stove

    Sliding Intake Control
    Control wood burning rate

    90-degree Flanging and Bending all around

    Increase the strength of the stove body / Not deform after burning.

    Front and Side Fireproof Glass
    Observe the burning situation
    Glass window for ambiance

    1. Titanium Side Shelves (Only for T1 Stove)

    High Quality Material

    The side shelves is made of titanium. This helps the shelves resist rusting. Titanium also makes it more durable than iron or stainless steel.

    Use the both side shelves for cooking with camping cookwares to make delicious outdoor feasts, hot coffee, fried eggs and crispy bacon. You can put prepared food or a kettle or pan on the two side shelves, close to the tent wood burning stove, so the food doesn't cool quickly in winter. And can place multiple tableware at the same time. (2021 Upgrade) In order to prevent the support poles from falling, we changed the connection mode: using the built-in screw and nut connection.

    Material Titanium
    Weight 7.1 oz / 200g
    Quantity 4 legs + 2 Grates

    2. Titanium Cooking Grate Ultralight (Only for T1 Stove)

    Titanium Cooking Grate is suitable for all Pomoly T1 Series. Take away the top cover, just put 4 clips at the four corners, and align the grate with the four holes, and you can use it perfectly. And the four extra holes on the outside can be combined with the side shelves(Option).

    Material Titanium
    Weight 4.23 oz / 120g
    4 Clips + 1 Grate

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Customer Reviews



Stove just came in today, super excited about it. But waft are the little clips and nuts for?


So far I love it! It definitely retains heat in the tent. Warm and cozy. I’m starting a YouTube channel to tell people what a great product this is.
Service:Hello, it's our pleasure that you like our stove. Thanks for your support.


Very good build quality and over all good service, wish the restocking of items that are out of stock was a bitt faster, im waiteing to buy the pomoly gimball table.
Service:Hi, we are glad that you like our products. And the gimbal table will be available recently. Thanks for your support.


Top build quality, might not be as light as some other titanium stoves but the ease of setting it up and high build quality is worth the small weight trade off.


I ordered this stove and had reservations on spending as much as I did, but once assembled and I used it I am glad I did. The pipe is 100% sealed and the stove throws heat out like crazy. I bought a tent too and with the stove it got so warm in the tent I had to take my jacket off. Outside temperature was about 30 degree Fahrenheit or -1 degree Celsius. Love the stove and tent, both assembled easily and work well!


The stove I purchased was awesome... Works great and could not find any faults with the product... But I do have a suggestion for the poker that came with the stove.... I feel it would be a little more usd
useful if the end of the poker was flattened out slightly so it was a little more effective at getting the Ash out of the stove.... I belive this would make it an even more useful tool. But other than that... 5 star product.
Service:Thanks for your feedback. We will continue to improve our products in the future. Thank you so much for your kind support!


I purchased the T1 Perspective stove. I had to seriously consider spending $500 on a tent stove but you get what you pay for and this stove is no exception. It’s build quality is absolutely first rate and the quick fold design is lovely. I haven’t been this pleased with a new piece of kit in a long time!


I would like to say first that i love your gear but i did find some defects and damage on my first outting.
The papper bag case for the t1 perspective is at first sight a disaster waiting to happen and sure enough the handle stitches pulled away from the brown paper bad material. There's nothing to stop the tear from getting bigger and bigger every time i grab the handle. Haveing the stove in a pack o. Its own is crucial. Containing the ash and soot from the stove pipe. Especially how easy it is to loose the stove pipe rings.
My second issue was with the Manta. Everything seemed well built but as soon as i felt how thin the zippers were i was sure id have an issue with them too and sure enough. On my second night out with it the zipper pull broke. Being able to zip the tent seems pretty crucial also.
So it seems its good quality gear but then the skimp on crucial tiny things like zipper pulls and the case it comes with. For the money i paid for both , nearly $1000 id expect it to last longer then it did.
I must say im disappointed and let down. It breaks my heart because i do love the gear. Lol Hopefully Pomoly will fix these issues. Im relying on this gear to hold up and if it doesn't it could make for a miserable experience or even worse.


My stove smokes toxic fumes. Is there a period of burning that it need, before it will burn clean?


Just an amazing little stove, it throws the heat like crazy. Wish i had of ordered stove with both sides glass tho.


Well my T1 Perspective arrived today..... Was very fast from order to delivery...
The product its self is outstanding quality. After the first burning "which I did for 3 plus hours on the highest heat I could" it's still straight and all bits fit correctly.. If your considering buying this product... It is well worth the money.


Hi does the T1 Perspective come with a glass side panel and glass in the door?
Service:Hi, It comes with a glass panel on the door and a glass panel on the side. Thank you very much for your support. All the best.


I want to purchase a T1 stove, can I purchase an additional glass panel?
Service:Hi, I'm Amy. At present, T1 glass side panels are not sold. I am very sorry. All the best, Amy


Hello Ma'am / Sir

Do you have shop in EU where I can buy T1 stove ?

Service:Hi Timo we don't have the shop in EU yet. you can buy T1 in our website. Thanks


New Pomoly T1 titanium stove, looking forward to using it


This stove is incredible! Seriously, the build quality is top notch and I will be enjoying this for years to come! I had initial concerns of the viewing panes of glass getting sooty however I've noticed that they burn clean once your fire is fully going so no issues there! I've even wiped it off with my gloves and had no problems. The carrying bag is pretty good and everything is so compact when folded up that I have absolutely no regrets choosing this! Bring on the winter!!

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