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Pomoly Hot Tent Review

Video By Lonewolf 902

Camping Hot Tent from POMOLY is a spacious, good-looking, and durable tent suitable for camping, hiking, hunting, or other outdoor activities. This teepee tent has tested for three weeks with rain, snow, and heavy winds. It is phenomenal. 

This tent has a very large door opening. It has toggles like a typical tent. The open tepee style can break the tent down the middle turning half into a floorless shelter and the other half into a closed wall section. 

The camping teepee tent comes with a large bag of hardware, having all required nails and other accessories. The center pole has its own nice bag. The four pieces of pole pipe have little thumb kind blocks that go into the hole, and they push down click. The one section of the block put together the other section.  The pole through the center goes into the straps. In this way, it gives the tent structure. 

The center pole is useful when the weather inside of the tent is really hot. If the bungee cords down to the metal hooks are stretched, the top will be closed completely. When the weather inside the tent is too hot, there is also a choice to unbuckle bungee cords and to unfold the flap. In this way, the hot air will let out. 

On the backside of the tent, there is the second doorway. On the second door, there is a shock cord and hooks of the metal rings. If there is a large heat in the tent, the cone can be opened. This cone will also go through the sunlight. When the cone is closed, it will keep secure from rain, even not a single drop of the water can pass into the tent. Inside the camping tepee tent, there is a very nice thick material fire retardant yellow ring around it.

Features of the camping hot tent

✅ Inside the tent, there is a big net enclosure around the top. If the cord right around the center pole is pulled, there will appear orange cordage. It will keep its buckles tight to keep all the bugs out. Moreover, it will also turn the mesh into a kind of nice little area of relaxation without getting all mosquitoes, ticks, and everything inside the tent. This fine mesh will also block a lot of blowing snow, surprisingly to the point where it almost does retain a certain amount of heat. To open this mesh will let all the hot air out, and the fresh air comes in. 

✅ The most surprising little feature of the mesh is when you have your gloves or shirt wet. You can stick your pair of gloves inside of the mesh and then cinch it up. Now you basically have a full circular drying rack, and it will dry it within 20 minutes.

✅ It is fairly a large tent of 9.8 feet in diameter. It is pretty close to most ten-foot diameter hot tents for two people at one side and two at another side. 

✅ The hot tent is a generous shelter as silver from the inside and green from the outside. This silver lining from the inside gives a nice look at night-time.

✅ Its excellent, strong, and durable fabric has a thick kind of 300D oxford material that is pretty waterproof. There are very little chances of moisture through this. 

✅ It has a kind of knelt down to sleep that will fill half of the tent. Inside of inner tent, there's a little moon-shaped door. This actual moon-shaped half circle door can be open for ventilation. It offers loads of fresh air directly across from the woodstove. 

✅ To the zipper of the main tent, there is a peg down on the ground. Everything in this tent is built to last a very long time.

✅ The sleeping part inside of the tent is durable as the floor is pretty close to the hope side fabric honest. This stuff is robust and strong, so no worries about most things on the ground. 

✅ Outside of the tent, there is a generous 8-inch gap between the sleeping bed and the outer tent. The inner sleeping tent never comes in contact with the outer wall. It is very important for two reasons, one moisture is not going to build up, and then all the dirty and warm air also circulates the inner tent as a capsule.

✅ The whole mesh or the whole inner tent is a four-season panel and is pretty neat.

✅ In the sleeping part, there is enough room at the backside to put clothes, hats, gloves, and headlamp, etc.  It has a generous bathtub type floor that is 5-6 inches gray kind of groundsheet material. 

✅ When there is a wet ground or snow or whatever, the ripstop nylon elevated. It is also pretty waterproof. All the fabrics of this tent, even the ground chute, provide the optional groundsheet. 

✅ It is a bigger and bulkier tent built to last for one or two-week long stay. 

✅ It has a good liveable sleeping shelter. 

✅ Another important feature is a 6-7 inch underneath snow skirt. There is a peg on the center of every single panel and corner.

✅ Right in the center of the tent, there's another peg, a point which is much reinforced. It's a nice peg up point.

✅ The groundsheet is in the shape of the footprint of the tent, that's pretty basic. This generous piece of sealed tape is also waterproof.

✅ You can vent the top with the nose cone as a built-in vent on the side. It will give more ventilation.

✅ Its fabric had really tough stuff, when it rained outside, no rain was heard inside the tent.

What people are talking about:

👱‍♀I really love that inner tent idea. I’m not a big Tp tent style kind of a person but that looks amazing. Such a complete and thorough review. Excellent video.

👱‍♂Excellent review. Very thorough. Thanks for a very detailed review.

👱‍♀Bro your review gives a true well detailed aspects of the features of this tent. Needless to say I don’t think they could advertise this any better than you did. I will definitely be considering this dope tent

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