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Home>Tent Stoves>T-Brick Series 2022>T-Brick Altay>T-Brick Altay Winter Version | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | In Stock
T-Brick Altay Winter Version | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | In Stock

T-Brick Altay Winter Version | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | In Stock

US$ 605.00
1(2) Stove Pipe Length
6.56ft / 2m 9.84ft / 3m
2(2) Titanium Side Shelves
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3(3) Titanium Campfire Grill
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  • Detail
    • 【New Titanium Spark Arrestor】Ultralight design, the protruding part is used to absorb sparks.
    • 【Octagonal Glass Side Panel】 Provide internal lighting for the tent and observe the tent stove burning situation.
    • 【Three-Dimensional Strengthening Stove Body】 Enhance the rigidity of the camping wood stove, and minimize deformation.
    • 【Three-Dimensional Reinforced Top Cover】 Strengthen the rigidity of the top cover and further reduce the deformation of the top.
    • 【Titanium Detachable Baffle】 Increase the maximum heat output of stove.

    Tips: The chimney and chimney base of the T-Brick Altay have been upgraded to 2.76 inches, and T-Brick Altay is compatible with 2.76-inch stovepipes.

    T-BRICK Altay

    Winter Version 2022

    Overall 1mm thickness pure titanium

    New titanium spark arrestor

    Titanium detachable baffle

    Adjustable and detachable damper

    Three-Dimensional reinforced structure top

     Unique octagonal glass side panel
    Strengthening tent wood stove body

    New ultralight titanium spark arrestor

    Comes with wind rope fixing ring

    Overall TA1 1mm thickness pure titanium

    Baffle and Inner panel of intake side panel (0.6mm)

    Three-Dimensional strengthening whole tent wood stove body

    Enhance the rigidity of the camping wood stove and minimize deformation

    Hollow whole laser cutting plate folding titanium stove legs

    Non touch welding structure, enhance stability

    Titanium detachable baffle

    Increase the maximum heat output of tent wood stove 

    Lengthened front door air intake

    Increase the air intake by 15%.

    Octagonal glass side panel
    Observe the burning situation

    Adjustable and detachable damper
    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    Adjustable sliding air intake Control
    Control wood burning rate

    Folding and panel design
    Portable design

    Stove Type Titanium tent Stove
    Carrying Weight(With 3m stovepipe) 9 lb / 4.1 kg
    Folding Dimension 15.4 x 7.9 x 3.2 in (39 x 20 x 8 cm)
    Stove Body Dimension 15.4 x 7.9 x 7.1 in (39 x 20 x 18 cm)
    Assembly Dimension 15.4 x 7.9 x 11.2 in (39 x 20 x 28.5 cm)
    Side Glass Size 11.4 x 3.9 in (29 x 10 cm)
    Pipe Length (Storage) 9.5 in / 24 cm
    Pipe Length 9.84ft / 3m
    Pipe Diameter 2.36 in / 6 cm
    Spark Arrestor Yes
    Material 1mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)
    Firebox Volume 14L


    T-BRICK Winter Edition

    Titanium chimney

    YKK-Zipper hot tent stove bag

    Smoke damper

    Spark arrestor with 3 rings

    Cut resistant gloves

    Detachable baffle

    *Tools (titanium screw and wrench)

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T-Brick Altay Winter Version | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | In Stock
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Customer Reviews



I have only lit this stove one time to burn it in but I can say now this is supper cool. The elk in the forest side plates look incredible when a fire is burning. This stove really throws the heat. Yes a fair bit of coin but worth every penny,


The T-Brick Altay Winter stove is a thing of beauty I enjoy using in Pomoly Hex 2 person tent I need a few more titanium items like the Pomoly kettle and the table that goes on the tent pole one day I'll get those to fully complete my Pomoly kit.


Amazing Stove. Easy set up, gorgeous design. Incredibly compact.

Took it up into the Eastern WA mountains recently where the nighttime temperatures typically drop to at or below 20° F regularly in April. Soon as the sun went down, so did the comfort level. Sparked this guy up and enjoyed a warm evening inside my Nemo Forte 15° F bag.

However. This will not sit and smolder all night. Learned that the hard way at 4am discovering a 19° F freezing wakeup. Had to shiveringly respark and huddle until the tent reached bearable temperature again. Which was under 4 minutes.

Worth every penny and then some. Buy it.


I cannot say enough about the craftsmanship and quality of this hot stove. These stoves are a huge investment. Rolling the stove pipe was an extreme challenge but I did come out with a rough-looking functional chimney. This stove throws a huge amount of heat, has a decent size firebox, and excellent burn control to extend the burn time. The fire mural with the deer is amazing and just adds to the ambiance of the whole camping experience. This will complement my HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent nicely which I also own. I will certainly purchase more Pomoly products in the future. I have added a review on my YouTube Channel BlueSea Bushcraft & Outdoors. Link to my review: #bboliveofftheland


The stove I received was missing a screw, but they sent me a replacement soon.


Easy to set up, fast folding, lightweight design.

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