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T-Brick Ultra | Portable Titanium Wood Stove | Camping Tent Stove for 3-6P

T-Brick Ultra | Portable Titanium Wood Stove | Camping Tent Stove for 3-6P

US$ 599.00
1(3) Stove Pipe Length
8.2ft / 2.5m 9.84ft / 3m
2(3) Titanium Side Shelves
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3(3) Titanium Campfire Grill
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  • Detail
    • 【Increased Volume】 Firewood capacity increased by 59%. (T-Brick)
    • 【New Titanium Spark Arrestor】Ultralight design, the protruding part is used to absorb sparks.
    • 【Side Air Intake Side Panel】 To make the wood fully burn, maximum combustion efficiency.
    • 【Octagonal Glass Side Panel】 Provide internal lighting for the tent and observe the tent stove burning situation.
    • 【Three-Dimensional Strengthening tent wood stove Body】 Enhance the rigidity of the hot tent stove and minimize deformation.
    • 【Three-Dimensional Reinforced Top Cover】 Strengthen the rigidity of the top cover and further reduce the deformation of the top.
    • 【Titanium Detachable Baffle】 Increase the maximum heat output of stove.
    • 【8 Lengthened Front Door Air Intake】 Increase the air intake.

    Hi, This is T-BRICK Ultra.

    Our strongest titanium stove yet.

    Also the largest single one.

    Firewood capacity increased by 59% 

    (T-BRICK 14L / T-BRICK Ultra 22.3L)

    Overall 1mm thickness pure titanium

    New titanium spark arrestor

    Titanium detachable baffle

    Adjustable and detachable damper

    Three-Dimensional reinforced structure top

    Side air intake side panel

    Free switching side panels

     Unique octagonal glass side panel

    Strengthening hot tent wood stove body

    8 Front door air intake

    Hollow whole plate folding titanium stove legs

    New ultralight titanium spark arrestor

    Comes with wind rope fixing ring

    Overall TA1 1mm thickness pure titanium

    Baffle and Inner panel of intake side panel (0.6mm)

    Titanium detachable baffle

    Increase the maximum heat output of titanium tent stove

    Side panel air intake

    Maximum combustion efficiency

    Three-Dimensional strengthening whole titanium wood stove body

    Enhance the rigidity of the camping wood stove and minimize deformation

    Hollow whole laser cutting plate folding camping tent stove legs

    Non touch welding structure, enhance stability

    8 Lengthened front door air intake

    Increase the air intake.

    Surface polishing treatment

    Improves fatigue resistance of metal

    Switching left and right side panels 

    Octagonal glass side panel for observing the burning and firelight

    Adjustable and detachable damper
    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    Adjustable sliding air intake Control
    Control wood burning rate

    Fastfold and side panel set up
    Portable design

    Stove Type Portable Titanium tent Stove / 3-6 person
    Carrying Weight(With 3m stovepipe) 12.3 lb / 5.6 kg
    Folding Dimension 18.5 x 8.66 x 3.94 in (47 x 22 x 10 cm)
    Stove Body Dimension 17.72 x 8.66 x 8.86 in (45 x 22 x 22.5 cm)
    Assembly Dimension 21.85 x 8.66 x 14.17 in (55.5 x 22 x 36 cm)
    Side Glass Size 14.17 x 5.12 in (36 x 13 cm)
    Pipe Length (Storage) 9.5 in / 24 cm
    Pipe Length 8.2ft / 2.5m or 9.84ft / 3m
    Pipe Diameter 2.36 in / 6 cm
    Spark Arrestor Yes
    Material 1mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)
    Firebox Volume 22.3L


    T-BRICK Ultra portable wood stove 

    Titanium chimney

    YKK-Zipper portable tent stove bag

    Titanium smoke damper

    Titanium spark arrestor

    *Tools (titanium screw and wrench)

    Cut resistant gloves


    40g / 1.4oz Ultralight spark arrestor, Sandblasted surface treatment. 

    Three detachable rings for wind ropes fixing.

    Reduce the hollow area, the convex is good for catching sparks.

    NEW portable wood burning stove TOP COVER

    The three-dimensional hollowed-out reinforced plate minimizes the deformation of the top cover. Reduce the direct contact between the flame and the top central area to avoid local high temperature and local low temperature, resulting in uneven heating of the top cover. After testing, the reinforcing plate can not only strengthen the top cover, but also maximize the heating range of the top cover.

    Tips: The stove must be fixed with guy-lines during burning, if the chimney is not fixed, the chimney will sway from side to side, which will cause the top cover of the stove to rise and fall continuously, which will eventually cause the top cover to warping.


    The detachable baffle can maximize the burning heat efficiency of the wood.

    The air enters the stove through the side air intake panel, which can allow the smoke generated by the 

    burning wood to be reburnt, the heat can be concentrated inside the wall tent wood stove to increase the 

    temperature of the wall tent stove     . At the same time, there will be less smoke from burning wood.


    Under the condition of ensuring light weight and portability, T-BRICK adopts 

    a double-row three-dimensional reinforced bottom plate. The 25 welding points minimize the 

    deformation of the furnace after burning. 12 hollow octagons can enhance the heat dissipation effect.

    After the tent wood burning stove has been burned for many times, the bottom of the firebox will be partially warped (Caused by thermal expansion and contraction), but under the action of the external reinforced plate, the whole firebox is still in a state of no deformation, which is convenient for the next installation and use.


    T-BRICK legs are made of a whole piece of titanium plate, which has a stronger bearing structure. 

    The raised design in the middle of the backpacking tent stove legs are suitable for uneven ground.


    Compared with the T1 series, the side panels of T-BRICK can be switched freely. 

    Inside the tent, we can face the glass side panel and observe the burning of the wood. 

    The glass side panel also provides light in your hot tent.

    The new secondary intake side panels have been redesigned to be stronger and less deformable after burning.


    The door of the T-BRICK stove was widened and heightened so that large pieces of wood to enter the lightweight tent stove easily. 

    The edge of the door was 90-degree folded and 360-degree folded processing. The 90-degree edge can strengthen 

    the structure of the door frame, and the 360-degree folding can keep the door frame flat with the bottom of the folding tent stove . 

    We can use the ashes rake to remove the ashes after burning.

    The reinforcing plate of the tail plate can ensure that the tail plate will not be warped.



    T-Brick Ultra Collapsible Wood Stove has a door with a slidable air intake and an octagonal glass, so that you can fine-tune the burn rate. 

    The area of the air intake was increased, which allows the camping tent stove to heat up the tent in a very short time in the cold winter.


    The new designed Folding Wood Stove bag is more durable, with YKK zipper, more portable.

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T-Brick Ultra | Portable Titanium Wood Stove | Camping Tent Stove for 3-6P
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Customer Reviews



Fantastic stove! The stove length accommodates the logs I buy so no more need to trim the length with a saw. This makes the camping experience that much better with less work.
Also, I love the new line of hot tents from Pomoly.


Super thrilled with this stove, brings a whole new opportunity for cold weather activities. The amount of heat this thing puts out is amazing! Bang up job pomoly!


Ich habe den Ofen für meine Camping- Ausflüge mit dem Pickup gekauft, da er kaum Platz wegnimmt und sehr leicht ist.
Die Kochprobe hat er auf der heimischen Terrasse mit Bravour bestanden.


T Brick Ultra. Fast Shipping, thanks arrived as promised and in good condition


I got the T-Crick Ultra and tested it out that weekend. Had it going in my 16.5 diameter canvas bell tent, 9 foot high in the middle. It was 17f out and I was able to get the inside up to 73f. pretty impressive for a fold up stove in such a big tent. The first roll of the roll-up chimney can be a bit tricky, but just watch a couple YouTube videos and take your time. Helps to have a second hand especially at first. After you burn some wood in the stove with the chimney on, it will form the memory of the metal to want to form into the chimney shape. I could not recommend this stove any more.


I bought the t1 ultimate for four wheeler camping. I also love how much wood it will hold so I can get a good amount of sleep without having to get up and stole the stove.


Just ordered the ultra I’m so excited to get it. Do you think it’s too big for the Hex? Still plan on getting a larger 6 person tent but me and my hex have a tight bond lol


After placed order over a month ago, I haven't received product yet. But its finally coming from china on 3rd shipments. (1st shipment got cancel from sender on ETA day, 2nd shipment only include half of my order.) I'm so excited to finally receive greatest Titanium folding wood stove in a world. And customer service is great, please do not worry!
Service:Thanks for your support.


I haven't actually taken my stove camping yet, but I've rolled the flue and tempered it by firing in my garden. It went together well and burned beautifully.


The Ultra is amazing! Setting up is easy and you can use large pieces of wood. Its about twice the size of another titanium collapsible hot tent stove I have and this is now my go to stove except when backpacking. Side window is huge and gives great light. Keeps my 6 person shelter very warm and will get much use.
Service:Hi, thanks for your sharing.


The Ultra is amazing! Setting up is easy and you can use large pieces of wood. Its about twice the size of another titanium collapsible hot tent stove I have and this is now my go to stove except when backpacking. Side window is huge and gives great light. Keeps my 6 person shelter very warm and will get much use.


This seems to be missing my coiled stove pipe.


It looks well made and is super lightweight

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