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TIMBER Stove | Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent and Camping | POMOLY Version

TIMBER Stove | Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent and Camping | POMOLY Version

US$ 445.00
1(2) Stove Pipe
6.56ft / 2m 9.84ft / 3m
2(2) Titanium Side Shelves
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  • Detail
    • REMOVABLE STRUCTURE - We use a detachable structure to design and produce this TR furnace. This design is not only conducive to the storage and carrying of the product but also conducive to the cleaning and maintenance of various parts. In addition, this assembled design greatly increases the sense of practice and experience of camping. Please enjoy the fun of assembling a camping wood stove.
    • VISUAL WINDOWS - This TR tent stove has two transparent high-temperature resistant glass, one front door glass, and one side wall glass. Two pieces of refractory glass can ensure that campers can enjoy the beating flames in the hot tent stove. In addition, you can also check the burning situation of the wood at any time and add burning wood to the stove in time.
    • ANTI-DEFORMATION DESIGN - If the camping wood stove deformed, it may leak carbon monoxide. Therefore, we attach great importance to the anti-deformation design of the titanium furnace. We have tested and improved the Timber stove many times to greatly reduce the possible deformation of the tent wood stove after combustion. For example, the top panel adopts a multi-module splicing design, and the stovepipe base adopts a three-screw fixed design.
    • ULTRALIGHT and PORTABLE - The weight of this titanium stove only 5 lb. This weight is only the weight of a lightweight single tent. In addition, in order to increase the portable experience of the camping wood stove, we adopted a detachable design structure. You can easily disassemble it and store it in your backpack, so you can effortlessly carry it to the camping site you want to go to.
    • TITANIUM MATERIAL - We chose high-quality titanium as the main material of the camping wood stove. For outdoor enthusiasts who pursue lightweight camping, you must be very familiar with titanium products. Titanium materials have many advantages, such as lightweight, high hardness, and no corrosion. Therefore, products made from it as a material generally have higher value and longer service life.


    Titanium Tent Wood Stove

    Camping Wood Stove

    POMOLY TIMBER Tent Stove

    Youtube Channel: Lonewolf902

    0.6mm GR1 MATERIAL
    Corrosion and rust resistance, Better Plasticity and Toughness.
    0.6mm material will change in shape and color after use but functionality will not be affected.

    Improves fatigue resistance of metal

    Integrated One-Piece Leg Support - Non part butt welding - Whole plate laser cutting
    Unique in the World
    No risk of cracking, better stability

    Observe the burning situation

    Over 3000°F / 1678℃

    tent wood stove PIPE
    Length: 9.5in Roll up, 6.56ft(2m) / 9.84ft(3m) Unfold

    Suitable for other Titanium pipes

    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    Control wood burning rate

    Prevent smoke and leakage

    Suitable for backpacking

    Stove Type Camping Wood Stove
    Carrying Weight (With 3m stovepipe) 6.8 lb / 3.1kg
    Folding Dimension 14.9 x 7.9 x 3.2 in (38 x 20 x 8 cm)
    Stove Body Dimension 14.9 x 7.9 x 7.7 in (38 x 20 x 19.5 cm)
    Assembly Dimension 14.9 x 7.9 x 11.8 in (38 x 20 x 30 cm)
    Side Glass Size 11.8 x 4.3 in (30 x 11 cm)
    Pipe Length (roll into) 9.5 in / 24 cm
    Pipe Length 9.84ft / 3m or 6.56ft / 2m
    Pipe Diameter 2.36 in / 6 cm
    Weight 5 lb / 2.3 kg
    Material 0.6 mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)
    Spark Arrestor Yes
    Firebox Volume 14.8L



    Titanium stove pipe

    Stovepipe rings

    Spark Arrestor

    Built-in Smoke Damper

    Cut Resistant Gloves

    Stove Bag

    The Best way to roll up titanium chimney:

    Integrated Damper
    Adjust the air flow exiting the camping tent stove
    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    Three-Piece Connection
    Reduce the degree of deformation

    Integrated One-Piece Leg Support - Non part butt welding - Whole plate laser cutting

    Unique in the World

    No risk of cracking, better stability

    High-precision Cutting

    Strengthen the seal to prevent smoke leakage

    Sliding Intake Control
    Control wood burning rate

    High-Precision Paneling Design

    Enhance air tightness

     Two Fireproof Glass
    Observe the burning situation
    Glass window for ambiance

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TIMBER Stove | Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent and Camping | POMOLY Version
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Customer Reviews



As with the chimney , i found it easier, solo mode , to lay it on a thick carpet and use a rolling pin to form the sheet , takes time and patience , stove is as ol' 902 says in his uploads, just a point to say , im a glazier by trade, that glass will insulate heat radiating . I purchased 1 side glass , just a thought if u think burn too hot in tent get 2 glass sides
Service:Hello, thanks for your method and suggestion. Sincerely


Super stove 👌 perfectly made and so easy to carry in my back pack. i use it with my shelter tent and wow ? The tent get so warm really fast in winter time . I’m looking to buy the T1 stove for my teepee tent . Excellent product and the pomoly service is so excellent too . Amy at the customer services is really awesome.


The product is very good, but the waiting time is a little long due to insufficient inventory.


Its pretty cool stove my only complaint it is a pain to put together. I imagine the folding version would get 5 stars...
Service:Hello, please click the link: Hope this will help you. Thanks for your support.


Install a chimney base on the stove to keep your burn slow and warm for a long night.


I gave it a 4 rating because for spending $500..they could have provided a better carrying bag. Also the stove pipes should be pre burnt in. Like if you’re gonna charge people that kind of money make it worth people while. That’s how you’ll get more business. And keep it growing. Quality control is a big thing too..I do love my stove just have some minor adjustments to make. Thank you Pomoly.
Service:Thanks a lot for your review and your suggestion, we will improve the details that you said and make a nice stove pipe. Best regards, Rockie


I am delighted with the stove. It provides a nice cooking surface, plenty of heat for my tepee tent, and soft flickering light in which to relax. Works great with compressed fuel logs. I winced at the price, but I am glad I pulled the trigger.


Works perfect
Service:Thank you very much for your support. Kindest regards.

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