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Taisoca Stove Infringement Notice - Pomoly

Oct 11, 2021

With the gradual increase of Pomoly products, some competitors began to copy our products and designs.

At present, we found a Taisoca stove on the crowdfunding platform for pre-sale. This product was produced by a small stainless steel elbow pipe factory in Suzhou, China. They copied Pomoly's original manuscript and produced after our original prototype. We own Taisoca domain, Taisoca trademark and Taisoca design patent. We are suing this product on the crowdfunding platform and filing a lawsuit application for commodity trademark infringement and patent infringement to the U.S. court. Pomoly does NOT allow any global individual or institution to violate our rights. 

The infringer stole and sold our prototype without any testing and improvement. In contrary, we spent a lot of time doing burning tests and improving the details. We did some oven safety optimization to reduce food risks.

Based on the research of many titanium products and customer feedback, Pomoly is confident that our products are superior to other competitors in the design and production of titanium stoves, especially the safety details of stoves, such as anti deformation design and smoke leakage design. In addition, it is worth noting that for small sellers without trademarks and patents, they can NOT provide long-term after-sales service and product guarantee for buyers. Buying their products will not get any after-sales guarantee, and can not be returned or even refunded.


Pomoly Team

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