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What gear is needed for hot tent camping?

May 21, 2020

With the improvement of life quality, people increasingly like to pursue some challenging things. As an outdoor adventure, camping is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the traditional hot tent, the function and structure of the hot tent are more perfect, and more tools are adapted to it. So what gears are needed when we choose to camp in a lightweight hot tent? Here we give you some references.

Imagine as much as possible the various situations you will face in the wild to prepare the corresponding skills and equipment. How to equip yourself largely determines the success or failure of camping activities.

Camping cookware and related products. 

Enough energy for camping depends on food, so the problem of cooking is very important. The highlight of the winter hot tent is to add a hot tent with stove jack stove jack to provide the campers with cooking conditions. To meet the needs of cooking, the tent wood stove is indispensable. To make a fire in a wood stove, it is necessary to use tools, such as fire sticks and matches. Besides, dishes, ladles, and pots are necessary preparations for camping in the wild to ensure food safety and health. To ensure the safety of drinking water, you can also bring a kettle. Food preparation must be comprehensive, and it has the most direct impact on the camper's body. At the same time, pay attention to the safety of fire in the field, and take the garbage back for treatment after a meal. Don’t destroy the ecological environment.

Camping sleeping gear.

 The camping sleeping can effectively relax the campers when they are tired in the field exploration, so the foldable portable tables and chairs play a huge role. Also, the hot tent provides a good rest environment, which is more secure than other ordinary tents with stove jack . In camping, the ground is usually wet. Damp-proof mat or air cushion can reduce the humidity in the hot tent.

Sleep equipment and related products.

Getting enough sleep is an important guarantee for hot tent camping. At night, the temperature in the wild is generally low, so we must prepare suitable sleeping bags to ensure the comfort of sleep and protect against cold and warmth.

In addition to the above, some relatively fragmented tools cannot be ignored. The strong light flashlight can not only illuminate the surroundings but also a good self-defense tool when necessary. It can also be hung at the top of the hot tent as a tent with stove light. There are many insects and mosquitos in the wild, and it is predicted to prepare some commonly used medicines and mosquito repellent potions. The compass can also play an important role in emergencies.

Being well prepared will make the camping experience better. In addition to the camping gears that need to be carried in the preparation of the hot tent camping, the camping place and the surrounding environment need to be inspected. The original intention of hot tent camping is to enjoy nature, exercise, and relax, so it should be carried out according to our physical quality and practical ability. I hope our advice will help you.

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