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What is a tent stove jack?

May 1, 2020

what is a tent stove jack?

A tent stove jack is a hole for inserting woodstove pipes in a hot tent wall. Considering the actual usage scenario, the stove jack cloth must be fireproof. Generally, the producer sews a small piece of the fireproof strip around the tent stove jackhole, or sews a piece of fireproof cloth and dig a circular hole in it. Individual producers sew a fireproof cloth with a circle hole meanwhile sew a fireproof strip around the circle hole. The diameter of the stove jack hole is usually 5-8 inches, which can be better matched with most stove pipes. 

Stove pipes across the hot tent stove jack

What is the shape of the tent stove jack?

Most stove jacks are square cloths with a round hole in the middle of it. The width of the square cloth is 10-18 inches. The diameter of the stove jack hole is usually 5-8 inches. Some stove jack may be designed to a round cloth with a round center hole. And some are square-shaped.

Tent stove jack cloth

What is a tent stove jack used for?

A tent stove jack is installed in a tent wall. Tents with stove jacks are becoming popular with a fashion name, hot tent. Now, most producers have been launched tents with stove jacks. This means customers can buy a hot tent in the market and do not need to buy a stove jack cloth separately. 
People can go camping with a hot tent and a tent stove. They set up a tent and insert the stovepipes through the stove jackhole. So that they can spend fun time cooking on a burning stove in the hot tent or keep inside warm by control the burning stove when it is cold outside.
As the hot tent becoming popular, more and more people join in the big hot tent family and start their fresh and fun camping experience.

camping hot tent with a wood stove

What materials the stove jack cloth are made of?

Fireproof cloths are different from tent cloths. The most common stove jack fabrics are fireproof glass fiber, aramid fiber, and silicone-coated glass. In comparison, the glass fiber fireproof cloth is slightly better in terms of user experience. Please note, most of these fireproof stove jack cloths are still cloth. They can stand high temperatures and fire-resistance for a limited time. If you do not use them according to the instructions, the cloth may be baked black or melt a little.

details of fireproof stove jack cloth

Can people sew a stove jack in their tent by themselves?

Yes. Now many people still use their durable camping tent and they are not planning to change a new hot tent. So they can install the stove jacks by themselves. The simple step is to buy a fireproof stove jack cloth and sew it in their tent wall.

What matters need to be mentioned when using a stove jack with a burning stove?

  1. Please place the stovepipes in the middle of the tent stove jack, try not to touch any cloth. To increase the service life of the tent stove jack, please try not to let the heat pipe touch the fireproof cloth either. 
  2. The stove jack cloth is fireproof, but the string sewed between the tent cloth and stove jack cloth is not fireproof. This means the sting may be burned if campers use the stove jack in the wrong way. So please use the stove jack according to the instructions completely.
  3. If there is a removable cap on the stove jack, please make sure you have separate the rolled-up fireproof cloth from the heat pipes by adding a branch or something like that before you start burning the stove.

hot tent with a half inner tent and a burning stove

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