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Folding Wood Stoves (11)

1. Dweller Mini Wood Stove

Dweller Mini Wood Stove

Camping Fireplace Series

The Dweller Mini Wood Stove is designed for solo hot tent and winter camping.

Extra Chimney Link 👉: 13.8in(35cm) / 9.8in(25cm)

2. Dweller Max Wood Stove

Compared to the Dweller, the Dweller Max has a 59% increase in volume and the diameter of the chimney has been increased from 2.36in(6cm) to 2.76in(7cm). There are four holes in the stove legs to attach the Dweller Max to the RV, and only four screws are needed to secure it. Additionally, we redesigned the chimney and installed the new chimney upside down to prevent creosote from seeping through the chimney during combustion. The newly added damped chimney controls the exhaust, which in turn controls the rate at which the furnace burns, and when we adjust the valve to reduce the rate of fire, the Dweller Max can keep burning longer at night. The huge fireproof glass combined with the air curtain of the front door can make the flame jump more, and the secondary air intake inside can make the firewood burn more fully.
In addition to tents and RVs, Dweller Max can also be used in many places, such as: forest cabins, camps, underground garages, etc.

3. T-Brick Altay Mirror Version Limited Edition

Three-Dimensional strengthening whole stove bodyEnhance the rigidity of the camping wood stove and minimize deformation

4. T-BRICK MAX | Portable Titanium Stove

When we use  “double-layer” mode, if we fill up the firewood, it can burn longer than T1 and T-Brick. If you need the maximum firepower for cooking, install two titanium side panels on the bottom of the stove and the glass side panels on top. The secondary air intake of the two titanium panels can maximize the burning efficiency. If you need more firelight for viewing, please install two glass side panels on the same side.

5. T-BRICK Mini | Portable Titanium Wood Stove

The detachable baffle can maximize the burning heat efficiency of the wood. The air enters the stove through the side air intake panel, which can allow the smoke generated by the burning wood to be reburnt, the heat can be concentrated inside the stove to increase the temperature of the stove. At the same time, there will be less smoke from burning wood.

If you are looking for a tent stove for camping, Pomoly can provide you with a variety of tent wood stoves, made of pure titanium, belonging to titanium wood stoves, including T-BRICK, T1 Stove, T1 Mini, TIMBER, TIMBER Wolf, T1 Woods Night and other tent stove series. Free shipping for our tent stoves worldwide. Pomoly’s camping wood stove is very suitable for winter use. It is a portable wood stove to meet the needs of different scenarios, including camping, backpacking, hunting, or ice fishing.

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