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Best 35 Wood Burning Stoves for Sale Free Shipping in USA (54)

Discover the Perfect Wood Burning Stove for Your Camping Adventures at Pomoly. 
Our extensive range of pure titanium wood burning stoves includes the T-Brick, T1 Stove, T1 Mini, TIMBER, TIMBER Wolf, T1 Woods Night, and more. Crafted with precision, these stoves are designed to deliver exceptional performance in any outdoor setting. Experience the warmth and convenience of our portable wood burning stoves, ideal for camping, backpacking, hunting, or ice fishing. Enjoy free worldwide shipping on all orders. Get ready to embrace winter with Pomoly's top-quality wood burning stoves. 

Shop now and elevate your outdoor experience.

If you want a camping tent that matches your wood burning stove, visit the POMOLY Camping Tent Catalog!

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Learn About Wood Burning Stoves

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Wood burning stoves are versatile heating appliances that can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Whether you're looking to warm up your living room or create a cozy outdoor gathering area, wood burning stoves can meet your needs.
Indoor Use:
Wood burning stoves are commonly used indoors to provide heat in residential homes, cabins, and other enclosed spaces. They serve as a primary or supplementary heating source, offering efficient warmth and creating a cozy atmosphere. With their radiant heat, wood burning stoves can effectively heat a room, making them ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or even basements. They provide a comforting and traditional heating experience, creating a focal point and enhancing the ambiance of the indoor space.
Outdoor Use:

Wood burning stoves are also suitable for outdoor use, allowing you to extend your enjoyment of outdoor spaces during colder seasons. They can be used in outdoor patios, decks, or camping areas to provide warmth and create a cozy environment for gatherings or relaxation. Outdoor wood burning stoves are designed to withstand the elements and often come with features like sturdy construction, weather-resistant materials, and adjustable airflow controls. They allow you to enjoy the crackling fire and the natural warmth of wood while experiencing the beauty of the outdoors.

Benefits of Titanium Wood Burning Stoves

Titanium wood burning stoves provide lightweight portability, exceptional durability, and efficient heat transfer. With their strong and lightweight nature, they're perfect for outdoor enthusiasts on the move. These stoves efficiently burn wood, ensuring fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. They offer versatility with features like adjustable airflow controls and removable cooking surfaces. Additionally, their sleek and modern designs add aesthetic appeal to any outdoor setting. Experience the benefits of titanium wood burning stoves: reliable warmth, convenience, and durability for your outdoor adventures.

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Camping tents: POMOLY has a wide range of camping tents with stove jacks for wood-burning stoves, which have been widely praised for their quality and functionality.

Water Tanks: there are generally two types of water tanks, a chimney water tank, which you install as one of the sections of the chimney pipe on the stovepipe, and a side-mounted titanium water tank, which matches POMOLY's titanium wood-burning stoves, and which you hang sideways on the side of the stove.

Stovepipes: POMOLY offers a variety of styles and sizes of stovepipes to match POMOLY's wood burning stoves.

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