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Best Portable Wood Burning Stove: T1 Stove vs TIMBER Stove

Jun 13, 2021

Welcome to Pomoly where adventure is never ending and everyone is a hot tent camping pioneer! Today we will be discussing two of the best portable wood burning stoves that money can buy, the T1 Stove and the TIMBER Stove. One of the key differences from the stove is that the T1 stove is a folding design, while the TIMBER stove is a detachable design. At the same time, the T1 is more durable but the TIMBER is more lightweight. No matter which stove you choose you can count on Pomoly to provide high-quality wood burning tent stove instead of sacrificing product quality for ultra light products.

T1 Stove


For starters, let us inform you of what you can expect from the T1 stove as well as its advantages over other wood burning stoves. First off, it is made of stainless steel which makes it very durable but lightweight at the same time, only 7.1 pounds to be exact. You can also expect a lot of use out of this stove while looking awesome due to the stainless steel time and time again.

T1 gets its name from the Titanium that is in the stove, which is 1 millimeter thick. This gives the stove a great advantage over its competition as Titanium is the most human friendly metal and it is also a harmless metal. Titanium also helps the stove weigh less overall, and the metal has a high melting point which makes it great for building a stove out of. With that let’s now take a look at the TIMBER stove. T1 Stove is the ideal backpacker wood stove.



The TIMBER stove is another option made out of titanium that is an optimal wood stove for hot tents and camping. Now it is a little less thick than the T1 stove, but that does not take away from its strength very much. What also makes this stove special is the fact that it comes with fireproof glass so you can observe the wood burning. It is also rust resistant with integrated one piece leg support, one of the most unique in the world.

Again since the stove is made out of titanium the melting point is again very high, over 3000 degrees Farenheit to be exact. The TIMBER stove has a step above the T1 option when it comes to being able to control the intensity of the wood burning. The TIMBER stove comes with a functional and detachable damper to give you the most flexibility possible. It is the decreased thickness that makes the TIMBER option more lightweight than its counterpart. However what it trades off in weight it loses in durability, so keep this in mind when choosing between the two options.


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No matter what stove you select, these two options are truly some of the best portable wood burning stoves around. The T1 stove is a folding design and more durable, whereas the TIMBER stove is a detachable design and more lightweight. For more information, please check Tent Stoves on our website.

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