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Reviews (4)
  • Da****is
    I’ve seen the product on youtube, and it looks great. I haven’t received it yet, just ordered it. But the ordering process kind of sucked. I put in a credit card, but then when I went to check out, the only option it gave me was PayPal. Wasn’t really happy about that. Not sure why PayPal was the only option at checkout. But I’m excited about the product , it’s one of the tents that Lonewolf 902 uses, and it looks like a nice one. We’ll see how it goes.
  • D****n
    Love this stove tent, so much room and a perfect sized vestibule for the stove and wood Storage.
    The bedroom area is a great size to. Head toom and loads of room for kit etc. plenty of ventilation.
    The only and it is my only negative thought are the poles, they were a little awkward to fix to the tent, I got there eventually, I found putting the poles through the tent while it was flat on the ground was the best way!
    Cant wait to use this tent through the summer too with all the openings for those early sunrises! Great colour tent and altogether a very well thought out designed tent.
  • Er****on
    Premier camping Fantastique en forêt avec ma leo 2
  • El****ks
    Where to start, the LEO 2 was my first Pomoly tent. I subsequently ordered the Locomotive 20 and am waiting on the Dome X4 to ship. I’ve set up and slept in both tents. Today my 4th Pomoly stove was delivered, the Dweller Ti. I also have the Traveller, Oroqen and the Dweller Max 2.0. Each stove serves a different purpose and does it exceptionally. These stoves throw some serious heat!
    I researched stoves and hot tents for a very long time. I found Pomoly to be the best out there in terms of quality and build. The stoves have amazing technology with the air curtain, multiple draft systems, secondary air intake and the elevated bottom for ash. I recommend Pomoly if you desire a quality tent and a boss stove. Attached are pictures of the LEO 2 and the Dweller Max 2.0

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