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  • Ar****th
    There is no need for a spark arrestor when your stove has a baffle that stops sparks and makes your cooktop hotter than your chimney. The stove is best if it operates vertical with stove pipe exit lower than the cooktop.
    My chimney rests on the ground and stove hangs on the pipe with a simple easy to make connector.
  • Ar****th
    There is no need for a spark arrestor when your stove has a baffle that stops sparks and makes your cooktop hotter than your chimney. The stove is best if it operates vertical with stove pipe exit lower than the cooktop.
    My chimney rests on the ground and stove hangs on the pipe with a simple easy to make connector.
  • Ni****f
    A very nice and affordable high-quality titanium kettle, it looks great on top of my T1 Mini.
  • Ma****ds
    I got the t1 Woods night winter edition wood stove and it is unreal. The quality is top notch and looks amazing when it's burning. These guys are such an awesome company to deal with and their customer service is next level. The free shipping they offer is unreal especially cause I'm based in Australia and also amazing how fast they organised my order to be shipped.
    Would highly recommend
    Service:Hi, thanks for your support.
  • Ni****f
    Absolutely fantastic!
    The stove feels so smooth and cool when you assemble it, you can really feel the quality.
    I use it in a polish lavvu and the temperature inside is +30 Celsius in almost any weather,
    It was expensive but you really get what you pay for here, so taken into consideration the material and the great quality, is the price actually really fair and good value, if you take good care of it, it will last forever.
    The shipping experience was also very good, I live in Denmark and it only took one week to arrive, and it was shipped as fragile cargo and was handled very professionally by the courier, no dents or scratches to the crate and it was handed over personally.
    So I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is out there looking for the best portable titanium tent stove.

    Service:Hi, thank you very much for your feedback and support.
  • Ja****nt
    This hot tent is absolutely superb. It’s beautifully made with sturdy stitching throughout. The tent is incredibly stable in windy conditions as the tipi design deflects the wind from what ever angle it’s blowing. The half mesh inner fits perfectly and is a great addition.
    I particularly love this Yarn Canvas edition. While the khaki colour looks smart it would be great to see pomoly release a green canvas version as they have done with the fort tent. I would be sure to purchase one as this would be a more practical colour for me living in an often damp and muddy UK!
    Bottom line, this is a great hot tent for a solo camp!
    Service:Hi, thanks for your feedback. I will submit your suggestion to our manager. Have a nice day!
  • Da****t
    I love this stove! Very impressed on how something so light can be built so durable. But Pomoly has done just that. This thing burns whatever you put in it right down to powder. Strongly advise to get one.
    Service:Thanks a lot for your support!
  • Mi****ng
    Absolutely love the tent. Not a fan of the small aluminum tent pegs but that is an easy fix. I picked up some heavy duty pegs to replace them.

    The tent has way more room than I imagines and cannot wait to get out and enjoy if this fall and winter.
    Service:Hi, thanks for your feedback. I will submit your suggestion to our manager. Thanks for your support.
  • S****Z
    Extremely impressed with the Manta. Set it up for a trial run before a trip up north and it exceeded my expectations. I have camped in many different tents over the years and this was the best experience yet. Highly recommended.
    Service:Thanks for your support.
  • Ro****an
    This is a great tent from pomoly. I have only one complaint. I wish the buckle that holds up the half inner tent was a little bit higher quality, the one used is extremely weak and I (twice so far) have simply tugged on the mesh of the inner tent just a little too hard (not very hard) and the inner tent fell down. Switching the buckle is a simple fix for pomoly and this will be an even better tent. If pomoly uses the same buckles on their other tents I would suggest using better ones on them as well.
    Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. We will improve the quality of buckle in future production. If there is a problem with your inner tent, you can contact our customer service, and we will provide you with a new one.
    Thnaks a lot
  • B****C
    awesome tent have had it out a few times ...great customer service
    Service:Hi, thanks for your support.
  • Va****re
    Never an answer from [email protected] , very bad after sale services.
    Service:Hello, we have checked your communication records with Selina and she replied to your messages within 24 hours. Please check your spam folder. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • De****on
    Iv got loads of pomoly stuff the standard is awesome, this tent for the price is unbelievable, so happy with it, loads of room and can stand up to any wether situation. Plus customer service is mega.
    Service:Hi, thanks for your support. Beautiful spot. Enjoy it.
  • ma****in
    This is the best hot tent out there you can have.The material is breatheable and is nice to see the fire reflecting on the walls making an orange beautiful color.
  • Sh****an
    I have used my YARN Plus canvas tent six times and used the half-tent insert three of those outings; I absolutely love the entire set up!

    Things I considered before my purchase:
    - Primarily for winter camping and space for a couple campers, wood, stove, and gear
    - Canvas fabric for more durability during heavy snowfalls
    - Weight not an issue as it will pulled in a polk sled in the winter or hauled by motor vehicle outside of the snowy season
    - Had to have pre-installed stove jack
    - Cost could not break the bank

    I unfortunately still do not have my stove, so I haven’t any feedback on the combination of tent and stove yet. I love the half tent during bug season with the extra room in the tent to do other things not in my sleeping area. Learning to set it up took a bit of time the first couple times, now I can have it up nearly as quickly as my back-packing tent. Same with half tent setup, it just took practice! I really like the adjustable cap to let air flow or keep it closed up to retain heat on the chillier days. I also really like the variability of the door panels being able to be opened in different configurations for whatever is going on at the moment. I can’t recommend the tent enough; my dog even approves as it gives him plenty of room for his comfy pillow!
    Service:Hi, It's our pleasure that you like our canvas tent. Thanks for your support.
  • Jo****on
    There products are the finest quality out there and very good value +++++
  • Sa****al
    Well designed, has a touch of quality. Needs bigger stove jack and stove jack port. ( Knico, Alaskan). More my problem than theirs to be fair. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a tent of this style.
    I also have the inner half, works well, no complaints about it.
    Service:Hi, thanks for your support.
  • W****m
    Looking forward to winter now , love this tent , I lower pole when pitched to attach top cowel and make sure i can vent/open easily by making sure its over door opening . Paired with the tarp its great as it attaches through cowel vent , great quality
    Service:Hi, thanks for your support.
  • 49****NT
    just used this tent for a 4 day exercise, unbelievable tent for the price. Had heavy rain, strong wind and hot days. It held up to everything, plus plenty of room for one man and all my kit. Plus the build quality for the price is very good I would definitely pay £200 plus and still be happy.
    Service:Hi, thanks for your support.
  • Mi****on
    Received my Pomoly Yarn plus just a week after placing my order. A beautifully made tent that looks very durable. The new Alluminium pole is meant to be stronger than the original steel one which is a good thing, although I do wonder how it will perform in high winds as it is quite thin walled tubing. The tent warms up far quicker than my old bell tent and stays warmer for longer. The T1 Mini stove is more than adequate for cooler evenings, I will use something a little bigger for really cold weather. Improvements? Making the zips two way would be a good idea so they can be opened from the top. Also. Pegging out loops on the snow skirt would save piling stones etc on top. All in all. A really great tent that I can see lasting me many years.

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