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  • M****d
    This tent so far has been fantastic. -30c outside and +21c inside with a diesel heater. I wanted the Pro for all seasons but no stock. I wanted the forest stove but no stock. Stock seems to be the issue eh? Winnerwell makes a pentagon stock in Canada. Make that stove have stock and I'll buy. Otherwise it's also been great in the rain but I do wish the inner and outer flaps on the base of the shell where longer. Maybe 18 's
  • De****ns
    Well made Tipi, took this in to backcountry Algonquin in spring, had the tent up to 30 degrees at one point with stove. Zippers never caught once when opening and closing. Rained one day and the inside stayed dry no leaks. Vents worked great had a portable carbon monoxide detector and never had an issue. Went up quickly and the pods are big enough for two adults with gear in each one.
  • Gi****ri
    I want to buy the Hussar 2 with half inner tent but I cannot get it in EU.

    Do you want to order HUSSAR 20 or HUSSAR Plus? The half inner tent for the HUSSAR Plus is out of stock and it currently has no plans to restock it.We currently do not have a distributor in the EU, you can order it from our official website.
  • OS****UZ
    Every year, I gift myself something special and this time, I'm thrilled to have invested in a Titanium Pamoly Hot Tent Stove that's now successfully installed on my deck at Bear Creek Campground, radiating warmth and coziness🔥⛺️🪵🐻✅
  • ka****ss
    Great, well made tent for solo camping with the dogs. It was quick to put up on my own which I loved. There was plenty of room for us to move around inside the tent even with the wood burner in a cage to protect it from overexcited Labrador tails. Thanks Pomoly :)
  • Z****t
    Doczekałem się w końcu skrojonej na miarę moich potrzeb wolnostojącej jedynki z zewnętrznym stelarzem, przystosowanej do pozycji bocznej piecyka. Jak na tak dużą kubaturę namiot jest wyjątkowo lekki, wszystkie ściany - jak przystało na produkt tego typu- są mocno napięte, a miejsce osadzenia otworu kominowego położone, co bywa problemem, odpowiednio daleko od ścian namiotu, dzięki czemu się nie nagrzewają. Bez sypialni jako miejsce socjalne pomieścił trzy siedzące osoby. Dobra robota. Jedyna rzecz która mu brakuje to fartuchy śniegowe. Genialny termin doręczenia: trzy dni z Chin do Europy, wraz z odprawą celną - to rekord świata.
  • Lo****ey
    I already own version 1 of this tent and was so happy to see that version 3 came out. I purchased right away because like some of the other customers, we love this style of tent but it was lacking in overall size. Well, this version 3 is huge and I mean huge, yet light enough to still be portable and for some backpackable . Thanks Pomoly, you did it again.
  • Ol****dr
    прекрасно. живу в палатке уже полгода ипроблем нет никаких.
    вот небольшой обзор
  • Ke****nn
    I have the T Brick Ultra 2.0 with the Titanium solid pipes, used it once and sure love the glass side and door. Definitely can damper it perfectly, assembles perfectly, packs up perfectly(the storage bag for stove should be a touch bigger). After it cooled off totally the next day had trouble getting two pipes nearest stove apart but it was just creosote, so i heated the pipe at the joint with a backpack stove and in seconds they came apart easily. Excellent product !!!
  • Gr****nt
    I received the tent here in Chile after 4 days of ordering it, so delivery was very fast. We're quite happy with the X4 as built quality and materials used are very good. I'm waiting for fall, in order to buy a Dweller 3.0 stove for winter camping.
  • Ly****th
    Amazingly light, these side shelves provide extra area for pots and pans or for drying socks and gloves etc.
  • Ly****th
    I bought an extra glass side panel for my T-Brick 2.0. You get far more heat through the glass panel than through the solid side panel and it looks nicer for those sat around the stove. The only downside is that the glass side panel is a lot heavier than the solid side panel.
  • Ly****th
    This little stove is amazing. Beautifully designed and engineered. Kicks out vast amounts of heat, particularly with two glass side panels. the colours that appear on it after use only serve to make it even more beautiful. It will never rust, It's light enough and small enough to carry, though maybe not for hiking. It can serve a a stove, a BBQ and a fire pit. I'm very impressed with it as you can probably tell.
  • S****n
    Stove works great. Plenty of air flow and puts off plenty of heat in my tent.
  • Flame Retardant Ground Sheet
    US$ 85.00
    Absolute must have for the manta. No matter which season you're using it in great addition!!!!!1101
  • Ja****er
    Perfect edition to my manta tent. I have the ground sheet with the ember. Mat built-in, but this is a great second layer of protection and can. Also be used elsewhere.
  • Ja****er
    Perfect edition to my poem. Almali mantient, I have the ground sheet with the built-in ember mat But this is a great second layer of protection and can be used elsewhere.
  • P****k
    Excellent product well made with careful design
  • K****e
    Camped in this tent last night during a snow/ ice storm....woke up to the tent laying on me and the pole being bent....was not happy, I just literally spend all this money for this and a stove and now I can't use it. Was going to go camping this coming Easter weekend but guess not....think I'm just going to get a refund because I doubt they can send me a replacement pole before hand. Only issue I have is I literally just got rid of the box it came in
    Service:We are very sorry about that, it may be that the weight of the heavy snow exceeds the limit of the tent pole. Please contact our customer service and we will send you a new pole as soon as possible.
    Thanks for your support
  • Ma****ng
    This tent is ideal for lightweight wild camping, I took it out for the first time in rain and high winds and I stayed dey and very warm.

    Could do with an internal pocket but that me being extra picky….. well done pomoly 👍🏻🙌🏻👍🏻

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