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  • A****g
    Testée par grande pluie + Mini T1. Tente bien étanche et bien spacieuse, semble assez robuste. Beaucoup d'espace pour 1 personne + poêle! Le fait de pouvoir rester debout à l'intérieur est pour moi un grand plus. J'étais sur sol déjà mouillé, donc pas mal de condensation mais vu l'espace ce n'était pas un problème, on ne touche pas la toile. Très content et très satisfait de cet achat donc, aucun regret! Attention toutefois, si vous n'avez pas la place chez vous pour la faire sécher (et elle prend bien de la place) ça pourrait être un problème.
  • L.****pe
    I spent quite a bit of time researching tent stoves and I believe that the Oroqen is definitely worthy of a 5 star rating. Its construction is very impressive, and appears to be very durable over the long run. Added features of adjustable draft and removable ash tray are additional bonuses. The side 'tables' are also a nice feature as they also function as carry handles. So far I am very pleased with this stove. If I has one suggestion, it would be to offer a leg extension option that would easily attach to the foldable legs and raise the overall height of the stove by several inches.
  • Jo****y)
    What a Kickass shelter. This tent/tarp is made of high quality materials and craftmanship, The design of which (Jeremy Wolf) It was so well thought out, it will shock you. You know that tactile feeling you get when you unbox a new piece of gear and the quality and design is way better than expected? I totally got this feeling.

    I made this purchase after watching LoneWolf 902's YouTube videos. And would probably not have made this purchase without them, . . . and LW902's input. He does a phenomenal job balancing filming, producing and answering viewers/customers unending product questions. Jeremy is an asset to your company, Pomoly.
    The best part of this shelter is its versatility. I can think of at least 10 ways to set it up for different scenarios environments.
    The support staff at Pomoly are also good at answering questions/ queries (Amy/Celine).
    I tested this out on a weekend near Bancoft Ontario at -7C. Over the course of the weekend I tried many different layouts and was pleased with all of them. And over the course on the weekend I started likeing the tent more and more.
    I didn't need a new stove, but because I was so utterly impressed with the quality of this tent, Pomoly EARNED themselves yet another sale, I purchased the T-Brick just this week, I never would have made this additional costly purchase without being blown away by the hammock tent. Great Job Polomy.
    If you are on the fence about buying this tent just do it, You wont be sorry. I used an 11 foot hammock in it and there was still room for a cot.
    If you have any consumer questions and want an unbiased answer feel free to slip me a message,
    Joshua Scudds
    near Toronto, Ontario
  • Mi****on
    Nothing wrong with the ground sheet that comes with the inner tent. Figure this will help protect it and add a few years to its life. Looks well made and good quality.
  • Mi****on
    Not used in anger as yet but once again Pomoly have exceeded my expectations. Beautifully made and fast delivery. Can't wait to gat out in the mountains with this brilliant little tent.
  • Mi****on
    Amazing little stove. Light enough to backpack and yet throws out tons of heat. So impressed I have bought a Taisoca as a car camping stove with my T1 mini for back packing.
  • Mi****n.
    Fantastic tent, beautifully made and has stood up to heavy rain and strong winds without problems. I was a bit dubious about the new aluminium centre pole as it does look a little bit flimsy, but it has certainly withstood some pretty hairy weather. Inner half tent is an excellent addition. Well happy with this tent.
  • Mi**** D
    Excellent top grill for the stove,

    find my self using this with out the stove as well,
    how ever if you do have a stove, then its a given,
    its a Must !!!

    Buy once, smile for ever !!!
  • Ma****in
    Just ordered the ultra I’m so excited to get it. Do you think it’s too big for the Hex? Still plan on getting a larger 6 person tent but me and my hex have a tight bond lol
  • Gr****re

    A well engineered, high quality stove perfect for a tiny house, cabin, hot tent or just out on the deck. The stove and wood it uses doesn’t take up much space and still throws out a lot of heat. I love the clear glass and the view it gives.
    Even with the damper at 3/4 closed the glass remains clean.
    Have spent hours just watching the light show it gives off.
    Easy to set up and to get a good blazing fire going in next to no time when using seasoned wood. No problems with smoking out the place on start up or when opening the door to feed in more wood etc. Very clean burning with a great draw.

    The only downside I’ve found to this stove is I’m spending way too much time in front of it.
  • Ri****el
    A well manufactured piece of gear. Will definitely keep my tent warm. With the additional level, it will be useful to load in more wood for longer burn times.

    I will be looking at a different stove pipe configuration as the straight one piece roll is adequate to get the job done, but finicky flimsy to deal with. I would much prefer a sectional pipe with a couple of elbows so I can position the stove better within the tent.
  • Fr****e
    Absolutely amazing and fantastic stove .
    I love it !!!
    Excelent quality !!!
    Service:Thanks for your support.
  • T****M
    After placed order over a month ago, I haven't received product yet. But its finally coming from china on 3rd shipments. (1st shipment got cancel from sender on ETA day, 2nd shipment only include half of my order.) I'm so excited to finally receive greatest Titanium folding wood stove in a world. And customer service is great, please do not worry!
    Service:Thanks for your support.
  • Yo****TV
    when i thought
    I think it is the best among the stoves.
    The reason is as follows.
    1. Very light.
    2. The completeness of the product is very good.
    3. No deformation even with many uses.
    4. The firepower is very good with the two-layer structure.
    5. Due to the nature of titanium, the color after seasoning is very beautiful.
    6. Double combustion panel makes complete combustion.

    It is a product I really recommend.
    You can also check it out on my YouTube channel.
    The channel name is 시우TV
  • Le****tt
    I absolutely love the dweller stove that you have made for me. I think now we need to invent or engineer a pellet stove t1 mini that will burn all night to keep the tent warm without waking up to feed the stove. What do you think?
  • Ba****rt
    Sehr gut. Aber ich hatte die Idee schon früher und habe mir deshalb vorher schwere Edelstahlschornsteine gekauft die viel zu schwer waren und die ich jetzt wegschmeißen kann.
    Außerdem sollte der verstellbare Kaminregulierer mit mehr Schweißpunkten ausgestattet sein, da bei Bruch fast kein Schlosser Titanschweißen beherrscht. Außerdem sollten mindestens ein Satz Reserveschrauben mitgeliefert werden, weil 1 mal verliert man sie sicher.
  • Mi****aw
    Stove just came in today, super excited about it. But waft are the little clips and nuts for?
  • Je****ll
    I haven't actually taken my stove camping yet, but I've rolled the flue and tempered it by firing in my garden. It went together well and burned beautifully.
  • de****sh
    This has become one of my favorite pieces of my kit. I do wish the stove jack was slightly to the side rather than where it's placed. To me this is a one person shelter the stove placement restricts use of half the tent. Well made.
    Service:Hi, ok. Thanks for your suggestion. I will submit your suggestion to our manager.
  • Cr****lt
    This little stove is absolutely the best ! Really enjoy the simple set up, especially when my hands are cold ! Just fantastic, and burns great, very functional stove. Rockie was great to deal with !
    Service:Hi, thanks for your support.

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