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  • I****L
    Greatly designed and made tent stove! Although it's overal strengthened, it still got warped, as it isn't an ultra light product I believe that the material can still be a bit thicker to keep the warping issue away.
  • J****D
    Bought this for use in the UK. Used this a few times now. Brilliant stove, good quality machining on the parts. Easy to assemble and only 3 thumb screws in terms of loose small pieces, but these can be screwed into place when moving the stove around which is spot on, so not much chance of losing them. Also very impressed by the reinforcements panels on the bottom and top of the stove which act to minimise warping on these key areas. Although some warping is to be expected with every stove of this type, this really does help to keep it minimised.

    I'm also very impressed with the customer service of this company, although there was some mild language barrier at points the individual who helped me answered all of my questions and even advised on customs charges involved. If you're after a good quality lightweight stove this is a solid contender, haven't used it in my tent yet due to be it being summer here but I'm sure it will perform well given the heat that comes off of it when not in the tent.

    When you bring this thing out at the camp, you know all the lads there are gonna want to check it out. It works well for cooking and boiling water on top too in a pan, cooked a few meals for the lads up in the Lake district UK. Thanks to the Pomoly team, underrated company.
  • Br****el
    I was finally able to get out in my new Hex Plus tent for a few days of solitude. This was the first real outing.

    *stitching looks solid all the way around
    *zippers didn’t catch or snag entering or leaving over the 3-day trip
    *I believe the silver lining significantly reduces the heat that is normally generated from the sun shining on the tent. This was nice.
    *The mesh half inner tent is a must in my area due to insects but its nice that whether you put it up or not is up to you
    *Being able to expose the meshed area by opening the tent sections is a nice feature for when you want to be outside but protected from bugs
    *The pockets in the mesh are very handy and the ability to hang a lighting source is great
    *Two campers plus gear could easily fit in the half-tent.
    *This was the first tent purchase that I didn’t have to go and replace all of the tent pegs before using it. They appear to be of good quality and did not bend on this trip.
    *The stove jack flap when rolled up had significant space between it and the chimney. No issues there.

    What I would change or tweak
    The hooks for the removable top cap are a bit of a pain in that they manage to catch each other or detach as I was raising the tent. Not a big issue but I may replace them with small carabiners or split rings or something of that nature. I’m not sure that it needs to be removable.

    It would add a bit of weight but a window or possibly one on each door would be a nice feature. Perhaps clear vinyl with a mesh screen and outside flaps of the same tent fabric. It’s definitely not a deal breaker but the silver lining does create a dark interior (nice for sleeping) and being able to introduce some natural light would be great during the day when you don’t want the doors open (ie in the rain)

    Overall I really like this tent and look forward to taking it on my next trip.
  • Br****el
    This is a great addition and adds peace of mind to your trip. It folds up neatly and can be stored with your stove.
  • Br****el
    This is a great spark arrestor. One suggestion I would make to Pomoly is to see if they can make the clips fold flush for storage in the stove bag. Otherwise, to prevent bending, you'll want to remove them and they are **very easy to drop & lose**. Split rings may also be a great alternative.
  • Br****el
    Excellent quality titanium stove pipe. I purchased the 2m(6ft) and 3m(9ft) versions. For those having trouble rolling it successfully the first time, here's a trick that may work for you. I used a 2 1/2 inch ABS pipe from the local hardware store and cut it down to 6 ft. To roll the 3m (9ft) pipe, ensure the ABS is on a slight angle sticking out from pipe at the far end. It rolled up beautifully and I was able to handle it on my own. I also performed a dual burn-in allowing both ends to be exposed to the heat of the stove (after 1st burn-in and cool down, flip end-for-end and burn in again). This helps when you go to form the chimney during your outings and to ensure that both ends have a memory .
  • Wi****ey
    Great looking stove! Arrived straight-away from China! Very good looking. Can't wait to get it installed. BUT WHERE ARE THE PIPES? They were 90-degree bent pipes? They were supposed to be in the box! Can you fix this?
  • Br****te
    This review is for the canvas wolf den 2.0. The good-very easy to set up, durable/well made, plenty of room, during a down pour there were no leaks. The bad-the grommets will only accept a small round stake and the included stakes are not long enough to hold down the end or long corner point, be nice if the stove jack was a little closer to the side to make for more room, the provided ropes (more like string) get all tangled.
    Overall I'd strongly recommend this set up. Fixes I made were to tie knots in the tie out points for bigger stakes and use better rope.

    A suggestion for pomoly, a loop or two on inside would be super helpful to hang a light or make a clothes line for drying cloths.
  • L****T
    Love it but..
    zipper doesn’t have stops at bottom and fell off first use
    Door flaps around now and it’s brand new and rain and wind is now an issue.
    Service:Hi LeighT
    Sorry for the inconvenience, you can contact our after-sales service, we will solve the problem for you.
  • L****T
    This little thing is 11/10. Amazing!
    Super hot. Light and compact. Love it
  • A****i
    So good ..I like it so much
  • O****r
    I want a Ti Version of this, it's just too heavy
    Service:Coming soon!
  • Ch****ro
    Good to a degree, it came in looking pretty good, build was solid, used it with my dweller titanium stove and heated up fast, but can't give five stars because the flow rate of the spout is way too slow, with the filter it's barely above a trickle, a slower rate is better to prevent splashing scalding hot water but it's just intolerable waiting for one or two cups to trickle out, without the filter it works a bit faster but I'd like it better as it came flowing just fine
  • M****l
    The stove itself worked great on my cold weather camping trip. Stayed warm all night in below 30° night. Chimney was a little challenging to roll the first time without denting up. My only complaint is the carry bag handle is sewn on incorrectly and makes it a hassle to transport. One handle is sewn on upside down so all the weight is on one strap. Quality control was definitely checked out that day.
    Service:We are so sorry that the stove bag handle is sewn wrong. Please don't worry, please contact our support team and they will help you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.
  • La****er
    Like the tent works pretty good. Alittle fiddly. Needs a vent in the peak and a replaceable Velcroed stove jack so if, like me you goof up cutting the stove pipe hole..The tent withstood 30 MPH winds for two weeks with very little readjustment. Good tent for the money.
  • Br****er
    Incredible stove. With the added accessories it’s become my favorite stove for large tents.
  • Da****is
    I’ve seen the product on youtube, and it looks great. I haven’t received it yet, just ordered it. But the ordering process kind of sucked. I put in a credit card, but then when I went to check out, the only option it gave me was PayPal. Wasn’t really happy about that. Not sure why PayPal was the only option at checkout. But I’m excited about the product , it’s one of the tents that Lonewolf 902 uses, and it looks like a nice one. We’ll see how it goes.
  • mi****kh
    very well thought out...awesome
  • Jo****rs
    I know the version 2.0 should have fixed it with a bigger chimney and vent on the bottom parts, but the first T-Brick Max actually have severe problem with dark glass and a hard time with burning wood on the back section. I bought it like 2 weeks before the version 2.0 came out and i find this really bad for like around 800$. Since i'm canadian, cost me over 1200$.... For this result??...
    I don't recommend this product and i would go with a dweller max, since you probably want to carry your stuff with a sled on winter time for better convenience. I'd go with a one piece wood stove.
    I do recommend Pomoly's gear tho, but it's just a bad buy for me and i regret.
    Maybe pomoly team support might consider e-mail me?
  • Pa****dt
    Super Material, Lieferung genau wie beschrieben!
    Sehr gute Beratung ✌🏻

    Bin echt zufrieden

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